Some authentic responses from beautiful Souls who have received my Services…

“This once again was amazing and spot on as to what is happening. I am VERY grateful for the guidance and support. Totally resonated with every card & the messages you so eloquently convey. You are very gifted and I am grateful for your assistance as I continue to find my way.”

Jen Carey, Ohio, U.S.

“Bethan is excellent with the in-depth explanations and there is a positivity in the way she explains. A very warm and kind soul, her advice is straight from the heart and so genuine. Highly recommend her readings as they have reminded me of who I am and opened up new avenues for me to explore.”

Earl, Martial Arts Teacher, U.K.

“Oh how I love my wand! It’s so beautiful and perfect and powerful. I’ve never worked with a wand before but felt the power immediately surging through. My whole body was tingling and my son laughed and said to stop making magic everywhere. I had an image of myself all in white, this wand in my hand. A completion for today I woke up feeling as though something had shifted…  Thank you for this beautiful creation. The sculpting you did was exquisite as well. I do feel that I am here as a bridge, with the angel and elemental realms both. So thank you for seeing me. I feel quite lucky to have “met” you and your pure and radiantly joyful energy.”

Holly Nicol, CA, U.S.

“It is one of the most precious gifts in my Life and it rapidly activated me into priesthood and I felt Avalon. I can’t thank you enough. It brings tears to my eyes sister.”
Kelli Walsh


“Thank you for going past the logical mind by healing with your light and penetrating my heart to open me up to what my higher self needed to ground into the physical. You are magical and thank you for being here.”

Reedell, Kauai, H.I.


“There are no words to describe my experience when listening to it. The harmonic music of the spheres ~ I felt so light and full of love, surrounded by Angels. I felt my Eternal Self and all of Creation, and the journey was so magical! I am so grateful for the messages I received, and for my stargliph! So deep and meaningful, it has taken me time to absorb. I love the frequencies in your voice, and I find myself still singing it after, but then it fades and I can’t remember, I just feel it in my heart. I received many keys and codes. I feel more integrated and embodying more of my multi-dimensional selves.”

Jodie Lee

“The sound was breathtakingly beautiful and reminded me of my life before, I have been integrating all day since your reading & attunement, feels so pure & cosmic that I am in another world. The Sound is so powerful & loving. You are an angelic goddess gift to this land and hold so much light to teach to this world. I feel back to my Goddess self.”

Tefnut Daryn Allene Light

“I just received the soul essence. Its beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes as I was opening it. I cherished opening the packaging like nothing before! So much love that even when my mother came in to see it she told me “oh the immense love that girl has and the amount love she made it with! I can feel it and it makes me cry.”…and then I teared up.”

Melani Liz

“Omg I love the crown so much. I’m so happy. I feel such loving vibrations from it… Thank you for making this amazing crown you made for me. I wear the crown all the time now, It’s my favourite thing in the world. “

Rosa Ivy

“I did get my crown about 6 days ago, I can feel the love in it, a actually feel like I’m being blessed, purified, cleansed… this is the most beautiful thing I have ever owned I thank you from the bottom of my heart.♡ It has already helped me step into myself, I have learned so much.”

Linda Dalton, CO, U.S.

“Both the sword of truth and the wand are beautiful works of art. The wand fits so well in my hand it was like you custom sized it just for me, the detail on the ‘Sword of Truth’ is exquisite. Also, in addition to the beauty of the crystals, the wand isn’t just shaped to fit, it’s perfectly balanced too, like those famous Elven swords from Middle Earth. Thanks again, dear one. The presence of magic in both of these is both evident and quite palpable.Your magical touch is in addition to the beauty and craftsmanship of both pieces. I can feel the electricity and magnetism that you and your pals channelled into them, too.”

Tom McDonough, FL, U.S.

“Your artwork or rather ‘artplay’, really emanates a certain aliveness and magical essences of pure joy and natural BEauty. I admire that you even use such things as wild berries as paints, to create some delightful scenes, with lots of ‘nature spirits’ emerging throughout. Thank you.”

Edi Bowmer, Essex, U.K.

“Thank you for the beautiful crown and message! I will cherish the Crown and wear it for certain occasions of initiations and activations too. I could feel the love put in creating this Creation. It was a joy to reveal this during the Full moon phase of Aquarius. Thank you, dear heart.”
Caroline Chia, Singapore.


“I received the Blessed reading you did for me and of course the Celestial sound attunement… is all so perfect and just ‘soul’ Beautiful!!!♡ I really Love it and is so special to me. Thank You! “

Edi Bowmer, Essex, U.K.

“The wand is so beautiful and even better than I could have ever imagined! This has been one of my favourite purchases ever!”
Tara Colligan, NJ, U.S.