Oracle Guidance



⟣  S T A R  O R A C L E ⟢ 

This Service provides you with your very own personal reading sourced through Oracles and a blend of sidereal Astrology to illuminate your Star Signature and assist you tapping into your unique Soul codes and Essence of Remembrance. 

From my years of experience cultivating my own modality of Divination, I am not any type of ‘psychic’ or ‘medium’ but I utilize the Art of Oracles to articulate and reveal energetic patterns and Spiritual insight of what is already shaping the undercurrents of one’s Life, to assist illuminating your Life path and individual expression on your sacred Mission upon Earth.


If you would love your very own Star Oracle Session to assist you on your journey of remembering your Divine purpose and magical gifts then please order below to receive your 45 minute reading recorded via mp3 then sent to you via your email which you may provide at checkout.

For: £108




✧ Bethan ✧