Avebury Adventure



✧ Avebury Dragon Adventure ✧

⟣ From the 1st of June to the 31st of August ⟢


The largest stone circle in Europe and Home to so many magical beings, legends and folklore. This sacred site is so rich in Magic and has such a quaint yet majestic feel to it. I have lived near by this magical place my entire Life and from my own inner-knowing and remembrance alongside more fringe anthropological research is that Avebury stone circle resembles the Dragon eating it’s own tail…

T H E  O U R O B O R O S 

Is the symbol of the primordial Feminine and the complete circuit of our Sexual Life force. In my own remembrance I feel Avebury was an initiatory Fertility rites site, which held Men and Women coming together for Menstruation rituals, Birthing ceremonies and Sexual Union rites of passage. From an archaeoastronomical perspective Avebury aligns with the Star constellations of Draco (the Dragon) and Cygnus (the Swan) both these star signs relate to the primordial Feminine and the high Feminine symbology of sacred Marriage. 

Avebury stone circle also relates to the greater cycles of the Moon that occur only once every 18 years. There is so much Lunar symbology in Avebury that from my own recall of the root Druid origins it was kept by a lineage of Priestesses of the Moon alongside Silbury Hill also known as the White Pyramid which resembles the pregnant belly of the great Mother Goddess. Avebury has also been referred to as a Womb Mandala and a place where “mass birthings” took place. Avebury is one of the main sites where the original Gaia Womb temples are held and is now coming back online during this time of her… 



This retreat will be a Wisdom quest and your initiation into awakening the Dragon and unlocking the Womb Mysteries in you stored in this very site. We will be walking the epistemological walk of the Stone circle, which is the original professional way of how Avebury would of been walked. This unique adventure covers not just the Stone circle but the neighbouring sites of the Avebury complex which are just as much part of the Magical web woven into the Creatrix template of the land.

It would be my pleasure to guide you on this magical journey of connecting with the Dragon(s) of this land retrieving your own codes stored in the earth, the chalk, the trees, the flowers and the waters.

Places we will explore:

~ The Sanctury (the original wood henge)

~ Silbury Hill (a.k.a the White pyramid)

~ West Kennet Long Barrow

~ The Adam and Eve stones

~ Swallowhead Springs

Apply to come on a magical Dragon Adventure of a LIFETIME!



1 Day Adventure: £222

2 Day Adventure: £400

*Second day can include visiting fyfeild downs which is the original place the sarsen stones of Avebury and Stonehenge are found and Cherhill downs of the White horse also known as the ‘Motherland.’