Illumined Self-Creation

Illumined Self-Creation, watercolour and ink on paper, August 2017. ⟣⟐⟢ This painting shows the Synergy of the two infinity symbols interlocking as a sacred cross, both vertical and horizontal, symbolising the re-union of our Light into Body, the ethereal into the material. Through August and the Eclipse passage the symbol of the Lion was explored, ruled [...]

Crown of Beloved illumination

  Crown of Beloved Illumination, silver wire, crystals and swarovski beads, July 2017. ⟣⟐⟢ This personal Crystalline Crown came through as the 'Crown of Beloved illumination,' sourced through the ray's of White and Pink. I used seven clear quartz points which is a magical number of Unification. The infinity symbol in the centre symbolises the infinite Beloved Re-Union [...]

Galactic Dragonfly

Galactic Dragonfly keeper of the Royal Star, watercolour, June 2016. ⟣⟐⟢  This Creatrix template personal painting  illustrates the Galactic Dragonfly which is blue symbolising Communication and Divine logic. This dragonfly is the keeper of the Royal Star with the Star portal above his head and a golden crown above it. This symbolises the Soul's Royal connection [...]

Bluebell Faery Woods

The Bluebell faery woods, watercolour, June 2017. This painting illustrates the magical Bluebell woods with faeries flying amongst the trees. This is an enchanted woods just off Marlborough, in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. The blankets of Bluebells range from Violet, Blue to Purple, they sing a magical song along with the Faeries tune and dance in [...]

Beloved Grail

Beloved Grail, watercolour and crystalline stardust, June 2016. ⟣⟐⟢ This painting portrays the Beloved Grail, the Chalice of Love which is an encoding template of Creation. The Beloved Grail code, is the Holy Cup of Life which acts as the empty vessel of receptivity and births New Life. The Beloved Grail is connected to the [...]