Arcturian Grail

    Arcturian Grail, watercolour on paper, July 2018. ✧▽✧ The Arcturian essence was the initial galactic consciousness to come to me at the beginning of my journey and truly sparked an inner Divine remembrance of why I truly came here and my mission on Earth.  To me they are great Master Architects of Light and create/design [...]

Cosmic Bunny

🐰  Cosmic Bunny, watercolour, April 2018. 🐰 Size: A5 This painting came through on Oastara as the Cosmic Bunny which symbolizes fertility and the Divine Pro-Creation of Life. This April the Bunny has been my animal messenger! I have been seeing them everywhere, especially around Avebury. It’s known that rabbits actually reproduce through the Fibonacci sequence [...]