Arcturian Grail


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Arcturian Grail, watercolour on paper, July 2018.


The Arcturian essence was the initial galactic consciousness to come to me at the beginning of my journey and truly sparked an inner Divine remembrance of why I truly came here and my mission on Earth. 

To me they are great Master Architects of Light and create/design infrastructures of consciousness through Light/Sound geometries. They are part of the founding fathers which seeded the Design of Life on this planet. It was around 2012 a very special book came into my Life about the Reshel grids called Arcs within Grail Lands. Although not mentioned as soon as I saw the word Arc I knew this had something to do with the Arcturians and the Arcs and Light plates which form the Grail grid, spinning on the nexus point of the Rose line traveling through the UK.

I always saw and felt this system as the Divine Blueprints of Gaia as I worked with them and the Womb templates being restored on the planet of the Living Creatrix of how life is truly designed to thrive on this planet. This is reformatting our consciousness to this natural way of being in harmony with Nature and the sacred lineage of all Life in congruency with the greater spiralling Galactic Womb of the Mother which births all Life. Many of us as Starseeds hold a greater quotient of Star DNA in our Blood blueprint and therefore hold a spark of the Star Chalice or Galactic Grail.


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Bethan ♡

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