Galactic Feminine Gateway



Galactic Feminine Gateway, watercolour on paper, April 2017.

Size: A3

The Galactic Feminine is the great spiral-time of existence permeating from the Galactic core, she is the Galactic clock which governs all cycles and patterns of Creation. She is the ebb and flow of Life, the waves of the ocean and inhale/exhale of our breath. She is the never ending spiral moving within and the ever expanding without. She is the steady drum of the Cosmic Heartbeat pulsing through the Universe, she is the living pulse of the Galactic Mother. She can’t be measured or contained, but she is seen, heard and felt in the spiralling fractals of all Nature, in the very rhythm of our Heartbeat. For all living Hearts in the Cosmos are connected through the Galactic Feminine pulse. She synchronises and attunes us to the Pulse of Life, the on and the off, the movement and silence, the release and contraction.

The Galactic Feminine is the force orchestrating the tempo of Evolution, she is the composer of our symphony. All Life is unfolding through her, all Life is evolving within her, You and I are a part of her, as we tune into the spiralling motion of her pulse, we remember we are always connected to this greater Galactic design unfolding, we are part of a grander Master plan being painted. We are all like an individual sparkling Star within the whole Galaxy of Stars. 🌌

We are not randomly created, our Life has a significant purpose and without our individual heartbeat the Whole would not be the same without us.

She is the great Galactic Womb housing all that she has created. We are the Galactic Feminine sounding her sound of Love that pulses through us and her Love is what connects us and makes us Alive. If we listen closely we can hear her in the pulsing of our very blood, the pounding of Earth’s orbit and the pulsations of the Sun/Stars. She is the essence now returning to Humanity, she is the Light switching us back On to the interconnection of all Life, she is how we communicate beyond space and time. She is the Spiral of Life activating in our Womb. The Galactic Feminine is restoring and re-writing eon old patterns which are now resolving to Birth something complete, Whole and New. 


Use this painting as a Gateway into the Galactic Feminine 💫

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Bethan ♡



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