White Deer of the New



✧ Deer of the New ~ Original Watercolour painting ✧

size: A4

✧ ✧ ✧

The Deer came to me as a symbol for this year of 2018 as the symbolism of the White Deer opens New doorways for us to step through. The energy of the Deer brings strength yet gentleness, grace and resilience. Connecting with the energy of the Deer cultivate’s strength and power yet sensitivity and gentleness to listen to the subtle whispers of Spirit guiding us in the New.

This White Deer also symbolises endings and New beginnings through the renewal of White. The shimmering Starlight illuminating it’s antlers growing up into the sky like tree branches of expansion. Guided by the power of Starlight, the luminescent Light governing our cycles of Evolution, as our feet stand strong on the ground.

Use this White Deer of the New painting to unlock New doorways on your path of evolution and attune to the strength yet gentleness within.


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Bethan ♡

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