Illumined Rosa Union

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👑 The Illumined Rosa Union 👑
This is a Crown I recently created as a personal custom order for a Lady who was getting married! I call it ‘Rose Gold Bride’ as it anchor’s the Rose Gold Ray through the Rose Quartz crystals, Gold wire and peachy pink Lumerian quartz. It was such an honour to create this crown especially as it was for her wedding. 👰🏼 I put extra Love into it and felt Divinely aligned especially as we approached Beltane with all the Lovers vibes filling the air! I then charged it on these sacred blossoming twin trees of blackthorn and hawthorn. 🌸

I feel so many of us are entering a sacred rite of passage and avenue into our own realm of the Beloved which I received as the ‘Illumined Rosa Union’ where our mystical Rose template is being restored through the illumination of our Masculine Crown and Feminine Chalice coming together in Union.

If you would like your own personal Sacred Marriage Crystalline Crown please order through my Etsy Shop.



Bethan ♡

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