Black Diamond of Creation


 Black Diamond of Creation, watercolour on paper, January 2018.

This painting came through on the Lunar Eclipse and I was shown a black diamond in my meditations. After the eclipse I was deeply integrating and I was invited into this empty space, which I feel as humans we fear sometimes, voyaging into the nothingness and feeling into then depth of the void. In this blackness, although seeming empty space. Is actually the seed of where rebirth resides, it is the zero point of where all possibilities are held. Just as White Light the Black Light also holds the potential for all spectrums of experience. On my journey I have been initiated into working with each individual ray of colour in my life expressed as the principles which that colour holds. The last I was to integrate was Black, which can also feel the most challenging. Black symbolises the shadow of the unconscious, the hidden, the mystery, the unseen. Black represents boundaries and protection, it is the colour of the Unknown. Like the black obsidian mirror of where our shadow is mirrored back to us it can be the most challenging to see as it shows us our ‘blind spots.’ The colour Black is the absence of colour, but the Black diamond of Creation is actually the absorption of colour and holds all Light of colour sucked into its vortex. The Black Diamond is the nano, the abyss of where all light is falling into. The black diamond allows us to see inner truths and assist’s in claiming our authority and asserting healthy boundaries. The Black ray allows us to face our fears which keep us from expanding, it also helps us to integrate and ground all aspects of ones self into physicality. Working with the Black ray brings us into balance all we have denied or repressed, ultimately showing what we fear in ourselves.

Call upon the power of the Black Diamond into our life to bring greater balance of reflecting and absorbing, externalising and internalising, the Black Diamond invites us to go within and dwell in the void where all our spectrum of Light internally resides. 



Bethan ♡

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