Gateway of the Unknown






Gateway of the Unknown, oil on canvas, September 2017.

For a long time I had this empty canvas, wondering what to paint on it, never starting it because I had no idea what to paint, then one day I realised I would paint this ‘not-knowing’ this feeling of ‘unknown’ I felt staring at the blank canvas. Within in this zero point the painting was born in the middle of the night, as ‘Gateway of the Unknown’ through the Higher Octave rays of Magenta and Celestial Turquoise. This painting came through on the Full Moon in sidereal Aquarius and Aquarius is all about pushing the boundaries of the known, the Angelic and True Self. Within this deepening of myself and in this merging, I see through the All seeing Eye, although seemingly mysterious, this is the single eye of Divine Love. The bird of Spirit which see’s All. A great blending is occurring, of both the Masculine and the Feminine, the Divine Love and Divine Truth.

If you are interested in purchasing this painting then please contact me on:


Bethan ♡

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