Crown of Royal Union



Crown of Royal Union, watercolour on paper, September 2017. ♕


This is the essence painting which I sourced for the month of September, it depicts the essence of September through the Royal ray’s of Purple and Gold. This painting show’s the Earth below and the Stars above, with an illumined Royal Crown in the middle, with a vesica piscis symbol in the centre. This symbolises the Royal Marriage of all polarities, Above and Below, Feminine and Masculine, the Earth and the Stars. This month of September felt like an initiation into our sovereign King/Queenship, this template painting assist’s in attuning one to their own inner Majesty and Divine empowerment.

This painting was also inspired by a quote I heard once, “as humble as the Earth and as noble as the Stars.” I received this as the Royal Union we as humanity are undergoing right now, as the Earth realm marries with the Starlit realm, our grounded earthly Human self is unifying with our more Celestial Royal Self. Many of us here walking Earth right now are Galactic princes and princess from the Stars, and we are re-remembering the true meaning of Royalty, as we illuminate our Soul Corona, we bestow the illumined Royal Crown on our head which activates the Light of our Soul. This Royal Union is also the process of merging our Soul into our body, the descent of Spirit into Matter.

Use this painting to attune to your own innate Divine Majesty and Union with your Royal Self!


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Bethan ♡

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