Illumined Self-Creation



Illumined Self-Creation, watercolour and ink on paper, August 2017.


This painting shows the Synergy of the two infinity symbols interlocking as a sacred cross, both vertical and horizontal, symbolising the re-union of our Light into Body, the ethereal into the material. Through August and the Eclipse passage the symbol of the Lion was explored, ruled by the Sun, this illuminated our Self as the Source of our Creation, a Golden Creativity was born and the strength and courage cultivated when we reclaim the Power as Divine Creator beings, from Spirit into Matter we Light our Soul fire. 🔥

This Essence painting shows all polarities of Creation in balance and the sacred flame ignited when we become our own Source of Life. Through the archetype of the Lion, the Sovereign leader which radiates passion, power and beauty
as an individual within the Whole. To shine as our own Sun, our Soul Corona becomes the Royal mane of the Lion. Emanating as the illumined Self-Creation.
The Solar Eclipse triggered an opening and those initiates stepped into a New Golden Era. I felt a higher Crystalline Light pouring through my Crown and body into my cells, permeating from what I received as the ‘Golden Pulse,’ from our Beloved Sun, emanating from the Galactic centre and central Sun of all Suns.


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Bethan ♡

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