Crown of Beloved illumination


IMG_1927 IMG_1963

Crown of Beloved Illumination, silver wire, crystals and swarovski beads, July 2017.


This personal Crystalline Crown came through as the ‘Crown of Beloved illumination,’ sourced through the ray’s of White and Pink. I used seven clear quartz points which is a magical number of Unification. The infinity symbol in the centre symbolises the infinite Beloved Re-Union of balanced polarity. I used sparkly pink Swarovski beads to source through the ray of Divine Love. I used the White pearly beads to hold the energy of Purity within the crystalline synthesis of Divine Union. Finally, the white swan feathers hold the energy of Sacred Partnership and True Love. This Crown was intuitively  intended for the Soul process of Sacred Marriage and illuminating the Beloved within.

You can receive your own Sacred Marriage or Crystalline Sovereignty Crown as a personal customised Service in my Etsy Shop




Bethan ♡

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