Intuitive Essence Painting












Intuitive Essence painting, watercolour, July 2017.

This was the intuitive essence painting I did for July! The colour which I felt for July was turquoise, which is a ray of Divine expression and Higher creativity! July is feeling like a huge wave, washing away any obstacles or distractions that may be keeping us from flowing with our creativity. The Golden Holy Trinity refers to the template I was receiving going into July which I call the illumined Beloved Trinity, when the three Mother, Father, Child aspects of Creation are married together, Light crystalizes into form. This Divine Synergy is taking place, and creates reverberations like a centre of a spiralling Galaxy, we are creating our own momentum/pulse by becoming this Vortex of Creation. The Golden sparkles ripple out which carry Abundance which is created through this process. The triangle in the centre also related to this Holy Triad being anchored within us which supports the New Earth/Life we are creating.





Bethan ♡

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