Sacred Marriage Crystalline Crown




Sacred Marriage, Crystal Crown, kunzite, quartz, swarovski beads and silver wire.


This elegant crown was created through the Essence of the Sacred Marriage during the time of Beltane, festival of the Lovers, Union and fertility. I used the pink kunzite crystal in the centre to hold that central pillar of pure Love and the slightly peachy coloured clear quartz points hold the energy of unification. The design of the crown flowed through intuitively and features a forehead centre piece which illuminates the third eye. The left and right arches moving outwards form the centre, represent the right and left hemispheres of the brain in balance. The two white loops symbolise the binding of the Feminine and Masculine Beloved Union. This crown holds the Essence of unconditional Love with the soft peachy pink colours, the silver spirals of Love and a little bit of magical sparkle!

This one feels so buzzy to wear on my head!

Receive your own Crystal Crown here as a personally customised order.




Bethan ♡


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