Multidimensional Self refinement and the Crystalline Creatrix

Dear Beloveds,

Welcome to this blog post all about the Multidimensional merge occurring through our Self refinement within the greater Crystalline Creatrix forming at this time on our Beloved Gaia. I have felt since the Equinox a Higher influx of Light which seems to be merging realties and weaving Multidimensional realms. As this synthesis occurs as well as feeling rather otherworldly, as if we are walking in many planes of reality at once. This Multidimensional integration is occurring right here within the Now, through our grounded Human embodiment and crystallising in our every day lives. This expansion occurring brings us back to the individual Self and the refinement of our Multidimensional aspects into a more unified consciousness. It feels like many threads being weaved together, like the Web of Unity similar to a spiders Web or the interconnected Web of the internet.

This Multidimensional Union spirals through the Whole spectrum of our existence and all the different aspects of who we are on inter-dimensional levels begin to merge with our earthly Human Self, an Alchemy occurs, a Cosmic concoction of all our alternate Selves, but instead of them seeming so separated. It’s as if they are melting together into a synthesised bond. As our Light DNA descends and alchemizes with our physical DNA, a Crystallisation of our Light into Body occurs, awakening dormant cellular memory of our Soul lineage and Divine heritage. As our bodies become more Crystalline, is actually begins to transform the very template reality we are living. This is how we are shifting more solidly into 5th dimensional living and co-creating the crystalline template of New Earth. I call this the Crystalline Creatrix, for it no longer is tied to the old matrix programmes and is a brand New unified template reality based on purity and Unity consciousness. Thus, as this refinement of our embodiment occurs within the Self, we create an alchemical chain reaction which echoes through out the collective, alternating the very fabric of Earth reality and solidifying the New energies into physical form.


Humans were originally created as the Divine perfection of form.

Our DNA was tampered with but is now returning to its original prime format. This feeling takes us back to our Divine origin, our core Self and original blueprint. Growing through Self refinement is not the same as falsely changing ourselves to be something we are not meant to be. We hear so much about authenticity, be yourself, be authentic, but in Essence should being our True Self be so forced? Is there supposed to be all these do’s and don’ts of what is acceptable or not on the spiritual journey. Self refinement is not about policing ourselves or anyone else. No one knows ourself better then us, it’s between us and Source. Every individual will always see another through their personal perspective. This is the Beauty of Creation, of how diverse we are as Humans, the myriad of sentient beings covering the full spectrum. There is no one in Creation quite like us, it’s our prime Purpose.

As we surrender to the Soul Self,  we drop the expectations, dropping the ideologies of what we think we should be as ‘good,’ or ‘spiritual’. We find Spirit in our Holy breath, the spark which gives us Life, we find ourselves in what comes so naturally as breathing. It’s effortless, found right under our very nose. Perhaps so close at times, we can’t even see it. We are perfect the way we are.

Creation created us in our Divine form, so why do we feel the need to fix, heal and change what isn’t even broken? If we constantly look for something to heal we will always find it. We are that powerful, as Creators, we can forget we were already birthed pure and Whole. This is the Wholly state we are returning to. The journey of integrating the true Self, to what is real – feels like coming Home. Not artificially molding ourself to a false expectation of personified ideals.

When we return to the Love of the Soul, we are already Whole, we are already who we are meant to be. Including what we deem as flaws, I guess what I’m trying to say, let’s just be us, you be you and I’ll be me and will dance somewhere in between. We are enough, Source and all Creation loves us for simply being us. So why be anything else?


The first thing I saw when I got out the door was a pristine Trinity of pure White Roses. The Divine Trinity energies of Co-Creation continues, such blooming Unity through embracing the alchemical Third energy! So pure in this Trinity of Divine perfection.


My New Crystalline painting which shows the Crystalline Self refinement at the core, into the flowering of expansion and the Web of Unity consciousness. I keep receiving the symbol of the spiders Web, symbolising the intricate interconnectedness of All Life, we are the weavers of the Web, weaving our own magic through the fabric of this Crystalline Creatrix.


There is so much Angelic energy coming through right now.

Last night I had a dream where I was given a book of Angelic paintings I had created, which was like a visual array of Angelic creation templates, then what is even more magical someone messaged me saying that I had visited them in there dream and shared Angelic codes with them, then today I picked this card. Spirit is speaking loud and clear, the Angels are near so close we are attuning more to our Angelic Essence, from the ethereal into the physical. This card saying ‘passing through’ which suggest this Angelic current in moving through us and we can open up to it at this time, and spread our Celestial wings and voyage into New realms of unified Multidimensionality.


Create yourself.

What a pivotal time we find ourselves in, where I feel many New timelines are opening up and today I saw a sign which said “pioneer crossroads” then a sign which said, “create yourself,” they felt like Divine messages, confirming what I feel about New pathways opening up on our journey, New choices to be made as to what energetic direction feels most in alignment with us in the New Now. For every step on our journey is a choice, and this is how we create, there are always infinite possibilities but we create and re-create ourselves over and over as we refine ourselves like a Divine sculptor, carving out our path more aligned with our true Heart desire.

When we listen to the script of our Heart we know, when we listen we hear the call and although challenging decisions we may face, we can always come back to our centre and the subtle voice of our Soul who is always guiding us. I guess it all comes down to alignment, when we act from this sacred place, the rest can follow suit, if it’s supposed to be within our true purpose then it will be, if not then there is nothing to worry about because it wasn’t supposed to be. We may think we need astral traveling or to be teleported to shift dimensions, but we actually don’t. For we are shifting dimensional realities embodied all the time, every time we blink, in every moment we are in a New Now. We are shifting all the time perhaps without even knowing, but when we reclaim this power we have, we can become more conscious of this and play with it!


Lots of multidimensional threads are being weaved together right Now, a bleeding of one reality to the other. More of our conscious Human embodiment is becoming aware of our Multidimensional Self on higher levels, and the grander ‘mission’ taking place. This may sound otherworldly to some, but the most magical thing is I witness this before my very eyes in the everyday, in each breath, thought, dream, connection or fraction of Nature. For this Multidimensional awareness weaves throughout All Life.

Nothing is separate and it is all truly interconnected!


Illumination and Acceptance of Love.

As the New Lunar cycle began in sidereal Pisces conjunct Venus retrograde. We just had Venus travel across the Sun this weekend which really illuminated something in our relationships, now the New Moon in Pisces is setting something into motion. We have been reviewing and evaluating so much of ourselves and our values in relationships, with an emphasis on how we Love. This Acceptance of Love card is speaking of the Male and Female polarities coming into harmony. Just like the two fish of Pisces swimming in opposite directions, there is a great interplay of the Feminine and Masculine Creation principle-essences at play right now. The two opposing forces are fusing and interweaving themselves together and we do this within the Tantric Alchemy of ourselves and then the Alchemical Unions we have with others.


Although Alchemy is all about transmutation, we are also finding a deeper Acceptance of Love in ourselves and others. For Love is always there, it’s the core Truth of our Soul centre. We are invited to surrender to this deeper Love which is everlasting, this core Love which is so primordial to our being. The dark moon also illuminates and brings to the surface what lies in the shadow and unseen. Hidden depths of ourselves may be arising at this time as this deeper integration of the Male and Female essences takes place. This New beginning is meeting the Venus retrograde, shedding Light on hidden treasures in ourself and what we are integrating through our relationships. For everything is hear to assist us and help us remember who we truly are. This is the deepest acceptance, the truth which can only be embraced by that Beloved Homecoming.

The illumined Lover of Life.


Recently I found this crystal on my walk with Black tourmaline included in it, I wasn’t even looking for stones then I looked down and there it was! I’ve never found black tourmaline wild harvested before! Such an unexpected surprise from Mama Gaia, her abundant delights are truly remarkable. I usually find White quartz/calcite so this was a clear message about also integrating Black! I feel lots of Black energy coming through which balances out the White, on the Dark Moon we’re welcomed to embrace the darkness, the unseen which lies beneath. It’s so important on this journey of Wholeness and process of Union. Black tourmaline is also very grounding and protecting, so I’m so grateful to receive this little crystal delight!

It reminds me to always be open to the Magic of Life and the mini Miracles that can occur so unexpectedly.


The endless metamorphosis of our Self.

I feel my body morphing and my face altering, my eyes changing colour and my shape becoming more defined. I feel so much Tantric energy coming through my Womb these past couple of weeks. It’s quite intense to say the least but as I integrate more of this and ground into my body it becomes pure crystalline creativity. This is what I keep receiving as the Multidimensional Self refinement when all our cells become more unified and multifaceted at the same time. It’s like this feeling of a more intrinsic refinement within the Self but at the same time, becoming less able to define and further Multidimensional. We are One yet we are not just One thing, we are a composition of many things. We are always expanding like the multiplicity of Creation from that singularity. If Creation didn’t want to experience multiplicity then it wouldn’t of created the fragmentation of Oneness from the very beginning. I feel it’s what I’m hear to do, as growing up I always found it hard to do or be one thing. I had no idea why people wanted to just choose one thing to be, one career. I am forever transforming from one state to another, like a liquid I Am an alchemical fusion of many parts becoming distilled.


This is the Divine absolution of my Self as I become more refined and pure by melting these alternate parts into one composed Whole. It feels like I have an array of aspects to chose from and express at different times, sometimes I like to do art, sometimes I like to dance, sing or write. Sometimes I like to walk in Nature or simply just be, I am not defined by only one, as I am a shapeshifter in a way, in flux with the flow of creativity. I am not just either this or that, for I am not bound to a limited construct, I am the Metamorphosis, like Nature, always changing from one state into another which is limitless and forever expanding. This is the creative beingness and evolution of change many of us are hear to bring about. So hear is to everyone who couldn’t seem to just stick and focus on one thing, because the ‘thing’ we are hear to Master is multiple things we may come to realise as Multidimensional living.


Surrendering to the Love that we are.

We are receiving so much through our Beloved Sun, although these influxes are quite powerful, I feel this intensity is squeezing us deeper into ourself. I feel a deep bodily integration at this time, which is bringing about a deeper acceptance of our Self. There is a radical return to Self Love which is the acceptance of Love that we are. Love isn’t wanting to change another, to Love truly is to Love another for who they are.

When we enter this deeper acceptance of Love, we surrender. 


As we return to the Love of the Soul, we become Love itself. We say let go, but the Soul has nothing to let go of because the Soul is already pure Love. Our Soul already knows we are worth a thousand gems but to Love ourself is to give reverence to the unique gem we inherently are. To Love who we are individually and that deeper acceptance of our individuality which makes us – us! If we wish to be anyone other then ourself, this is like denying Creation. We are all so valued, worthy and Loved. We have all chose to be hear because we are needed on this planet at this time, this is why we are hear. Denying ourself is like suffocating our light.

It’s time to embrace this radical Self accepting Love, God makes no mistakes!


Tantra, meaning to weave.

A great interplay between the Cosmic Feminine and Masculine, the dance of Shiva and Shakti. The Beloved within everything, the alchemical Tantric Marriage, weaving its way within the great Web of Life. The ebb and flow, throbbing through eternity. The belly dance of Creation, twisting and twirling, making Love to all Life! The Holy well invites the Cosmic serpent to enter, the kundalini resurrection. She nourishes the soil so the seed can be fertilized. Sprouting with Cosmic life force, showering of Light, the fountain of Life, the principle of Creation which gives birth to all life, what Angels are made of and what we are made of too.


The Sun and the Moon, the Night of the Light.

Spark of the primordial Fire, the charge of the Tantric Lovers making Love to all Life, the essence of what it means to be Alive! Always flowing into one another, bleeding into one another, interlocking like hybrid geometry, a Cosmic trigonometry based on the integers of You and I. Something so ancient it’s written in the sky, it’s as old as time. The dance of the Beloveds, the Cosmic marriage, You and I. Pulsating Divine rhythms, the Goddess takes her throne and the God comes into her. Creation orgasms of Cosmic bliss, which tremble forever, birthing nebulas, New dimensions into being. Can you believe what I am seeing, how Creation was born, how everything came into being. From this prime pulse of Life, weaving light, echoes through out all time. The Tantric Creation breath, resides out in space and in You and I. It’s the all encompassing Love, which sets us free, Shiva and Shakti dance through out infinity.

The Love of You and Me.


Be YoursELF!

There is such enchantingly enriched Heart expansions occurring right now. I feel the soft pure Love of the Cosmic Mother showering through me and the resurrected Life force from my own core root arising, together they meet in the Heart, and an alchemical fusion of Divine Love is created. The feeling is quite heavenly but at the same time very embodied. I feel safe and at ease in my body, I feel at home being me. This sacred marriage of Above and Below, the merge of our Higher and Human Self, brings about this radical accepting Self Love. As we rejoice and celebrate who we uniquely are, I guess I can’t even put it into words but the feeling is that of pure belonging. 

A deep excavation of the original pristine gem of our individuality, no longer searching but humbly taking the throne of the Soul which was there all along. This is our majesty, this is our royalty. As we reign our unique realm of our eternal King/Queendom which is basically our own world of Creation, the template reality we are actually co-creating, I call this the Crystalline Creatrix. For it is powered by the essence of crystallizing Light into physical form, and instead of living in the programmed matrix, we are living our own Creatrix.


We have entered a whole New month.

April always seems to bring that fresh, clean, re-birthing energy of New growth and rapid acceleration. I feel the energies of April are supporting the seeding for so much potential in New growth, as we plant New seeds which begin to sprout and blossom then later harvested through out the year. I feel a surrendering and flowing to the natural cycles and rhythms that occur through out my life. I realise I go through phases of doing things and I don’t even know why. Sometimes my mind says something different to my Soul, I thought I was going to be concentrating on my painting/art this cycle but my creativity seems to of been more flowing making jewellery and dancing. Sometimes we think one thing but our Soul wants to show us something greater.

The energy always shows us where the greatest potential is in what we feel more joy and passion for in the moment. The mind wants a plan but the Heart wants mystery. Creation isn’t us about manifesting through controlling and fixed outcomes but opening up to the flowing creativity that wishes to flow through and equally surprise us with something unknown. This is how we expand and grow in the unknowing, when we open up to Source creating through us, will always show us something New.


To me this is the Miraculous and Magical way of living, when we live in that continuous state of wondrous awe of what could ever happen next? If we always knew what was going to happen next then life would just be boring, that’s why I’m not so much into psychic readings and predictions. What about the mystery? So whatever we desire to experience or manifest this month, lets us also remember the magic of the not knowing and the whole spectrum of possibilities unfolding through the Divine orchestration as we align and live more through that enchanted magical feeling.


These are the Crystal bracelets I have been creating lately, the one on the the left is the Celestial Angel wing one with aquamarine Crystal beads and the one on the right is the Aqua Elohim Angel bracelet with swarovski beads and aquamarine Crystal chip beads. I’m just loving the celestial sky Blue ray right now, it’s coming through so strong for me, along with connecting to blue Calcite and Celestite crystals. The Angelic realms are descending and flowing through us! 👼🏼

My Celestial jewellery will be available soon on:


Expansion and amplification.

We are expanding to New levels right now! The first card has a hot air balloon in it and even last night we saw a hot air balloon in the sky! This is a symbol of the energy unfolding, just like the hot air balloon we are expanding with Light, which makes us lighter and allows us to naturally rise and rise to New heights. The rainbow skies symbolise this whole spectrum of experience, as we do not only expand upwards, we are expanding in all directions. Just like the symbol of a circle or spiral, this process of expansion is not linear like a line. It is broad and encompasses the whole totality of our existence. This Multidimensional merging is taking place, especially centered around relationships. As hear we have the two hands joining together. A sacred bond is taking place, within us and between others. The sacred kinship of all kinds, in a Divine meeting, alternate worlds are unifying, and this is creating a deeper entwining of worlds, the Multidimensional Union of many realities becoming Whole.

This may come through as different ends of the spectrum meeting and polarized perspectives colliding, but instead of this clashing of polarity there is a deeper unification taking place. Even in differences there is still Union. These realities merging together is creating a synthesis so strong, these Unions spark a chain reaction and create ripples of change through out the world. Perhaps we don’t even realise how powerful we are and how our relations effect the greater Whole. Every individual is altering mass consciousness and this is how we are changing the collective. We’re asked to step up into this power and not hold back! As we amplify our positive emotions, allowing Love, Bliss and Joy to ripple from us, it’s like a drop in the ocean effecting the entire sea. We are these droplets of change, creating ripples which echo through out the collective. These ripples of change also move in cycles, like our expansion the effect of these ripples aren’t always visible at first but are altering the greater reality beyond the seen.


Let us plant the seeds of change and trust the natural process of expansion 


Bethan Elviea Lumina ♡

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