As constant as a Star: Everlasting Union


As constant as a Star: Everlasting Union, watercolour, February 2017.


This painting was inspired by the film the Swan princess, when they sing the song, ‘much longer then forever.’ This image illustrates the Divine meeting of the Beloveds Swans gliding gracefully on the lake of Love, under the Celestial Starlight of the Heavens. Then beneath there merging of the sacred Heart shape is reflected on the lake, representing the Everlasting Union of not only the Divine Masculine and sacred Feminine principles, but the Cosmic principle of Above so Below. The Love of the Beloved Swans, is eternal and shines out through out the Cosmos like the everlasting Light of The Stars, it is constant and also timeless. The Love of the Beloveds is not bound by space and time and is always present within us, through the sacred Union of our Heart, when we merge this polarity within we become like an illumined Star ourself, shining forever through the illumined Light of the Beloveds and the eternity of everlasting Love.

Use this Beloved template painting to attune to your own Everlasting Union of the Beloved.


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Bethan ♡




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