Womb Wisdom balm


▽Womb Wisdom ~ Divine Beauty ~ Organic balm▽

Ingredients: Wild harvested rosehip, rose petal, hawthorn berry and red clover flower, organic raspberry leaf and organic cramp bark infused in organic castor oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic sweet almond oil and organic rose in jojoba oil. Natural beeswax and organic cacao butter. Organic essential oils of: cypress, clary sage, fennel, cardamom, basil, lavender and rosemary. Infused in Moonstone crystal essence.


This magical balm was concocted through the essence of Womb Wisdom and the special herbs selected with the magical properties of the sacred Feminine and medicinal properties to assist Female cycles. The oils I used are deeply nourishing and comforting and are infused in the crystal essence of Moonstone. The stone of fertility, receptivity and femininity. The essential oils I used promote balanced menstrual cycles and can also relieve pain during menstrual cramps.

Clary sage is a very relaxing essential oil, it also balances and clears the skin, on a magical note Clary sage is the plant of clear vision, it helps us see clearly and allows things to come into perspective.

Cypress is a very comforting essential oil, it relieves pain and soothes menstrual flow. Magically, is helps in rites of passage, connecting to letting go, death and healing separation. Cypress connects to the laws governing the cycles of time.

Fennel assists in relieving cramps and pains and promotes menstrual flow, fennel is very versatile and assists in shedding of old skin and birthing the New. It’s magical properties are associated with fertility and renewal!

Use this balm in the area of the Womb and Sacral area or can be equally as nourishing for the skin of the whole body. These essential oils and herbs have a relaxing, calming and renewing quality. I created this balm through the intention of connecting to the Wisdom of our Womb, the cycles of Death and re-Birth, our intuition, clairvoyance, inner guidance and house where Life is birthed!

This balm has then been charged in the Light of the Super Full Moon for extra potency!





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