Wand of the Divine Mind



Divine Mind, Soul Magic Crystal wand, December 2016.

This is the wand I created for someone as a personal Service, it’s called the wand of the Divine Mind, it was created through the rays of Gold and royal Blue! I used the lapis Crystal to connect to the inner eye of vision and insight. I used the pure White quartz crystal which I found hear in England, which attunes to the Unity of all Life. I used the blue kyanite Crystal to act as an inner bridge of communication from the higher realms to the physical. I created this wand through the essence of the Higher mind and intention of connecting to the Divine intelligence of the Galaxy and Universe, I felt a Divine Masculine Golden energy come through alongside an alliance with the Galactic federation and interstellar communication. The designs and formations of the wand also felt very Galactic, through the infinite spirals of Life, the triangular Activation symbol and the square lapis which symbollizes the structured and stable form of Creation.

I love how when I source this art, these Wands actually create themselves, as I tune into the individuals energy and what wants to come through! I create them through the intention of bringing Magical essences and Creation abilities into ones Life. I also use sacred nature objects I’m guided to by Gia herself, this wand was crafted from one of the magical twigs given from the magical Tolkien trees in Avebury.





Bethan ♡

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