Tantrika Staff


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Tantrika Mastery, Tantric Twin crystal staff, October 2016.

This is my Tantrika staff I created through a vision I had after finding this mystical and magical branch in the Elven forest. It has natural spiral formation and felt is embodied that Creation spiral of Tantric Union. It carries the White Ray of Unity and all synthesising together into Wholeness. I used a Tantric Twin quartz to hold the Divine Masculine/Feminine creation principles, I created a diamond shape, showing the inverted triangle of the feminine and the activated triangle for the masculine. Together they create a gateway of Divine Birth through the sacred Yoni symbol and coil together creating a sacred alchemical marriage. This one is favourite yet and so very powerful! I so enjoy using in in my sacred ceremonies and use to activate my own Tantra,as it symbolises me mastering my own Tantric Life force as the embodiment of the Tantrika!


Bethan ♡

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