Twin Star


The Twin Star gateway, watercolour and pen on paper, July 2014.

I painted this with the energy of the Beloved synergy between Venus and Jupiter. The Celestial King and Queen of the Heavens coming together in a Cosmic Kiss and Divine embrace as One God / Goddess of Love. As they were only 0.33 degree’s apart. This painting shows the Celestial body of Venus, Turquoise / Pink, merging with Jupiter, Yellow / Orange. Yesterday I felt such an energy of the colour Coral Pink, which the merge of Pink and Orange with a golden hue. I received this image of the vesica piscis coming together and birthing a Crystal Star, the Diamond of Cosmic Christ Light. As the four pointed diamond star shows the Upper and Lower triangulation of both the Divine Masculine and Feminine as One. The symbol of the Cosmic Heart gateway with the Golden spiral in the centre of the Cosmos. This is the triple energy that the Beloved synergy of the Union of Venus/Jupiter creates as the God of the Sky ‘the heavens’ and Goddess of Love, ‘the heart’. Our hearts are expanding into Cosmic Love of all Hearts as One in Creation. This Solar Cosmic Heart energy comes through the Golden Pink ray of the Higher heart merging with the Golden galactic centre. Although it looks more orange hear, I painted it more as Coral pink. When I looked at the Venus and Jupiter union  I saw and felt this beautiful golden peachy pink energy being birthed between them!

I feel this Beloved Twin Star union so deeply, as it is a similar alignment that occurred during the birth of Christ, as the ‘Star of Bethlehem,’ as Venus/Jupiter merge as the brightest Star in the Sky.



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Bethan ♡

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