Celestial Queen Crystal Crown


DSC_0069 copy

Celestial Queen Angel Aura crystal crown, silver wire, angel aura crystals and sparkly ribbon, October 2015.

materials: Angel aura quartz crystals, silver wire, sparkly ribbon and lots of love.


This simple yet stunning crystal crown anchors the energy of the Celestial Queen, crystallised through the Angel Aura quartz. This crystal crown was created through White/Clear and Silver. The Silver ray holds the essence of Grace and Harmony and the pure White/Clear ray carries the essence of Cosmic Unity, Angelic purity and Holy Spirit. This crown holds the Celestial alignment of the Eclipse on the 27th of September when I was visiting Mount Shasta at the time, its inspired by those Cosmic forces of the mountain, the Divine Grace of Lumeria and the Creation essence of the Holy Elohim. This crown is intended to attune to higher realms of the Angelic Over-Soul and crystallise the Celestial Self into form.

Crystals are amazing transducers and assist in our integration, these Angel Aura crystals are programmed with the intention of anchoring our ethereal Self into the body. This crown can also evoke the energy of Divine Sovereignty, as we crown ourself the Cosmic Kings and Queens we are. This is a perfect tool for those on the sacred path of Angelic Ascension and can be worn on a special ceremonial occasion and hold sacred space on a magical alter.

Wear this crown to claim your own sovereign birthright as a Divine being of Source Love and embody your Celestial Queen / Angelic Creation essence!


Get your own Cosmic Crystal Crown here.


Bethan ♡


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