Beloved Re-Union




Beloved Re-Union in Infinite Love, silver chain, silver infinity symbols, silver fixings, sparkly faceted beads and white pearl glass beads, November 2015.

♡ ♡ ♡

This Beloved jewellery set was inspired by the essence of Infinite Love that permeates through all life in the cosmos. The infinity symbol shows the interconnection between outer and inner and unifies the balancing Twin forces of Creation. This eternal union is occurring within ourself and I wearing this jewellery aligns us with the power of eternal Love of the Beloved at the heart of infinite universe. I created the twin infinity bracelets as the sacred alchemical marriage of Silver and Gold. The Divine masculine essence is expressed through the Gold Ray with the pure White beads and the Sacred Feminine bracelet is expressed through the Silver ray infinity symbol with the clear rainbow beads. Together the symbolise that Divine unity of Creation and I created them through the intention of anchoring the infinite present moment of life… ever lasting love.

Wear this Divine jewellery set to align with your unique Beloved essence and inner sacred marriage of the Divine Twin union.

This would make a great wedding gift for someone, or a christmas present for a lover or just a Divine treat for yourself!




Bethan ♡


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