Beloved Swans


Swans of Beloved Union, original mixed media painting, February, 2015.

size: 10.5 x 8.5 inches


Swans are messengers of the Beloved Union within us all and embody the essence of Divine Partnership. This image shows the Swan King and Queen meeting in the sacred Heart, radiating the essence of Divine Love. The vesica piscis symbol they create forms through the Sacred Marriage of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine becoming One. The bonding of the Golden and Silvers rays of Creation entwine to create the double helix strands of the Divine DNA. We each embody both Divine Feminine and Masculine polarities, and the vesica piscis within the Heart represents this Sacred Marriage of the Beloved synergy. Swans create the shape of a Heart when they come together. They are such graceful, intimate beings of Pure Love.

This painting holds these essences in energetic form and can be tuned into when gazing upon the image and feeling into the deeper message.



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Bethan ♡


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