Elven Starlight Crystal Staff


Elven Starlight, birch tree crystal staff, march 2014.

This is my Crystal Staff that I created through the essence of Elven Starlight, crafted from my soul tree: Birch, which carries the energies of New Beginnings. I began creating the other week at the end of March around the Elven NY and then finished it this past weekend with the culmination of the Blood Moon. I took it out for a magical activation at the Avebury Stones, to connect the worlds of Wood and Stone.

Staffs are powerful transmitters of energy. The Birch rod gleams with Silver, the energy of the Elven Star and has silver wire coiled up around it from bottom to top. The star mica stone also beholds the energy of the silver Star, the spiral Yin/Yang shell holds the energy of Infinite Creation and the clear record keeper Quartz point on top was the inspiration, as when I gaze into it, the inclusions look like little stars!

I added the White and Silver ribbons as these are the colours of the Birch tree and sparkling starlight of birthing the New, the White Swan feathers with silver Star codes painted on imbue the Magic of the Staff with the celestial codes of my Soul, I also painted with Gold other Light Language symbols up the staff to focus and direct the energy up into the record keeper Quartz to transmit through the end of the crystal into the Air!

I created this staff with the Intention of using it within my Magical ceremonies in Sacred sites that align with certain Star constellations and celestial cycles. I see my Elven Starlight Staff as an instrument to bridge Heaven on Earth and encode the Land with my personal Star Soul Light, to connect stargates and portals that sculpt the Crystalline Ascension grid hear on Earth, also known as the ‘Reshel Light Grid’.


Bethan ♡


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