The Sacred Kiss and Spark of Life


“The Cosmic Lovers ~  when Galaxies collide, birthing nebulas into being. That Cosmic feeling, when the Earth meets the sky, reaching so high  ~ as Above so Below, two bodies entwine, where the beloved stars reside, two twins sublime. We are traveling through space whilst on Earth, as she spins upon her axis, we are also voyaging through space.

The Cosmic Tantrika, the Galactic pulse ~ beats my Cosmic Heart of forever. “


Dear Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to my blog post all about the Sacred Kiss and Spark of Life. This month of December has felt like a Divine revival as we had the 12-12 gateway which acted as a Divine trigger, then we just had a beautiful Super Moon in tropical Gemini and sidereal Taurus! This was the last Full Moon of the year so a culminating energy was felt. The astrological sign of Gemini is the Twins, for me Gemini is the Union of polarity, the archetype of the Lovers coming together in the Sacred Kiss. As two poles meet and intersect, the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine touch lips and generate the electric charge of Love itself, the Spark of Life. This is the Divine lightening that sparked all Life into being. They say in stories of the old, that even Life was created on Earth through lightening from above striking the waters of Earth. The Spark of Life is what lights up the alchemical chain reaction of crystalizing from. We each originate from our own Divine Spark, which I see as our own Twin Soul’s Sacred Kiss. This Full Moon was also in sidereal Taurus, which emphasised our sensuality, intimacy and our natural gifts. I feel something very Natural to our Soul is returning to us, we each have our own unique codes encrypted in our Light DNA. As we begin to embody more of our Divine Spark, our cells are revived through this sacred alchemy. More of our authentic Soul light is awakened.

These celestial events acted as triggers prior to the Sun aligning with the Galactic centre in sidereal Ophiuchus. This then aligns us and Earth with the Galactic Pulse of Life, it’s an opportunity to align with our own centre, which in essence is our Sol. The core of our being and our Soul Axis which we spin upon. This is reviving something very primal to us, the primordial Light of our origin, which activates our Divine blueprint. This is also occurring in the sign of Ophiuchus, the Cosmic serpent bearer, so this is also about wielding our own Cosmic Life force. As the Sun moved through Scorpio and Ophiuchus, we were taken into the depths of our own underworld and perhaps the ‘Dark Night of the Soul,’ this is so something could be unburied and excavated that still may lay lurk in our unconsciousness.

As we align this the void of the Galactic centre, this acts as a Death and shedding of old skin before we meet the Winter Solstice and Solar re-birth of the New Solar cycle. This Pulse of Life is penetrating very deep into our Core, to awaken the dormant memory of who we truly are, so any last old cellular debris can die before we enter this New 9 year cycle in 2017, as our New born True Self!


To integrate every last drop of ourself, also means to embrace the parts we have repressed or denied. The parts which lurk in the shadow and are not so sparkly, yet equal all the same. Every part wishes to gravitate to our centre, and be held by the Divine embrace of Love. As we come into Wholeness, the negative and positive dissolves in what we deem as right and wrong or worthy, because in totality  all is equal. This is very brave and courageous work, as it’s so much easier to just brush things off rather then enter the depths of how one feels. As we peel back the layers, this truer part of us feels more deeply, it’s tender at our core. It can also be more challenging, but it’s also more enriching. Yes we have growing pains as we expand, when we have naturally out grown experiences and venture beyond our comfort zone.

The True Self is the naked Self, free from filters and distortions to hide behind. This nakedness is transparency, which cultivates honesty and this means being honest with ourself. To me this is defining purity ~ the clear crystalline Diamond, our inner Union which shines the authentic Light of our Soul, multi-faceted but untainted.

What we feel isn’t proof of where our vibration is but how we interact and engage with life demonstrates our Mastery. Most of our ‘work’ is done when no one is looking, apart from Us and Source. Our reality, which we are the main participant and viewer of. Shakespeare said ‘life is a stage,’ so why don’t we start directing it and staring the one and only – True Self, without the mask. As Humans we like to dress things up but can cover up the natural Beauty of what already exists. As we undress ourselves layer by layer, until all that is left is our naked pure Soul, this is when all returns Home.


This month of December brings us to the end of the Solar year at the Winter Solstice. This begins a New cycle in our life and our own Solar re-birth. As we also come to a culmination of the last nine years and begin the next Year as a brand New cycle. We may feel as if we are graduating. We might find ourselves having a mini ‘life review’ of sorts, as we complete these last nine years. So we may find old things coming up, almost like we are checking them off our list. With a theme of saying goodbye and tying up loose ends. This acts as a preparation for the next Solar cycle and New year so we can begin on the cleanest blank slate.


This first day of December felt so fresh and New, as it’s so cold, ice blue and frosty. It feels like a blank canvas ready to begin again. Everything in nature felt so renewed and fresh and as I sat on this hill with this view it was warm for a while as the sun was shining bright and it almost felt like early spring. As we upon up to this feeling of re-birth, there are New things being presented as we welcome this renewal! What beautiful pristine days, I am so grateful to be part of such beauty we call Life.


Being pregnant with Life.

A baby is in the womb for 9 months, 9 is a sacred number for completing cycles. As 2016 brings the culmination of this 9 year cycle, we have been incubating a New born Human. This birth of Life I feel truly is the New us, when I look back at the 9 years of my life since I was 15, this really was the 9 years of transformation into the New me. I think we can all look back and see how far we have come on this journey. Leaps and bounds have been made, this was a great preparation for what is yet to come, in a way it felt like a training ground into how to create through the New templates. Now something New is ready to be physically born from all the ‘hard work’ and all we have grown. I received last month the image of a birth canal and it may feel like we have that ‘last push,’ to give birth. Like a New born crystalline baby, I feel this New cycle will bring more physical manifestations of all we have been building and seeding. This may have been done mostly behind the scenes, like the growth of a baby you don’t see in the womb until it’s born.


In sidereal astrology we have moved into the sign of Ophiuchus which is the Cosmic serpent bearer, the serpent is symbolized by the letter ‘S’  and I keep receiving a lot about the Sacred KiSS, which has two S’s in it. When we reverse one S, and they face together and merge, we have the infinity symbol. The kiss symbolizes two poles coming together in harmony. This energy also relates to our DNA, as the coiling twin serpents rise within us through the sacred alchemical marriage.

Ophiuchus is the 13th sign which was written out of the zodiac by western astrology, so it’s quite esoteric and shrouded in mystery. Although it’s quite important as the sidereal Galactic centre falls in this zodiac and it has a Cosmic feminine symbolism. The number 13 is the number of returning to Source and the Goddess. It’s the depth of mystery at the heart of the Cosmos, the void at the Galactic centre, it’s the depth of emotion we can feel. It also relates to healing and the symbol of the twin serpents, which is still the sign of modern medicine today. The serpent bearer is wielding the power of the serpent through Death and re-birth. The great Cosmic Dance.

The serpent is a symbol of fertility, it holds a key to our genetics as Human beings, as it also resembles the umbilical chord and our connection to the great Mother. We are coiling and uncoiling within the Galactic Spiral of Life which links our centre to the Pulse of Life like a golden thread. We may be receiving lots about our Galactic heritage and lineage right now. Serpents also connect to Dragons and they say Avebury is a Dragon eating it’s own tail, this relates to the great Cosmic law of eternity, as endings become beginnings and all is connected through  the never ending cycle of Unity.


Walking the Avenue of Love ~ Love really is like a journey.

It has no fixed goal or destination because it always keeps us moving and it’s always influx like the ebbs and flow of the ocean. Love is like a symphony which doesn’t sound by staying still, it’s always flowing and progressing, moving from one phase into the next. It leaves a trail, an echo and it’s paves the way for others to hear their own Heart melody. When two people get married they walk down the aisle, this symbolizes the Union of walking the same path. Many megalithic sites have stone Avenues like this, this speaks of a procession in ceremony. A journey of initiation, moving from one stage to the next. The space of transformation and graduation. The Sun, the Moon the Earth and even the Galaxy are always moving. This spin and rotation is what keeps all alive. Our breath is always expanding and contracting. If our breathing stopped, we are no longer alive. To Live we must keep expanding, to Love we must keeping moving, to a place we haven’t been before.


Sometimes great things take time.

Amongst this fast pace and quick-fix society, some of the most majestic and long lasting things take a great deal of patience, perseverance and dedication. This also nurtures Devotion, when we are devoted to something not for the instant results but for the grander picture in the long run.

This acceleration, although rapid, is a Divine unfoldment which is occurring gradually for the highest good of all. You can’t rush awakening. Those who are devoted are in it for the long run, nurturing perseverance. People want immediate results or want to see the whole world change in an instant, but this is not the way. Everything is occurring in precise timing just as it should within the greater Divine plan. Many of us have been planting seeds for years now and our Whole life, even prior. Our Soul knew this was a gradual and long lasting process.

Although we have expanded rapidly, there are some things which take time to nurture and grow. Just as they should because although we expand at our own personal pace we are also expanding within the collective. There is a direct correspondence, and all is unfolding as it should. Even if our minds can’t grip what is going on and why things are the way they are.


This is a matter of the Heart, this is a matter of Trust and surrender to the not knowing. When we trust the Divine unfoldment and will shaping all things to the highest order, we simply follow the steps, in the Now of each moment. Not clinging to the past or racing forward, not trying to push what is a natural and organic. Like a stack of dominos falling over piece by piece, there is a continuous rhythm to this transformation. When we activate within, igniting our Soul spark and that Light of Truth, it triggers a chain reaction connected to all Hearts. It’s all occurring simultaneously and a Soul know’s when it’s time, just like the domino knows when it is it’s time to fall.

Even if we can’t comprehend it, there is a Divine order to all things. The more we trust in this natural process, the more we can Live through Grace and ease, simply following our inner guidance to trust when the time comes, it will come.


A deep integration is taking place within the Self.

The energy of co-operation is present within that merge of the Divine Masculine and sacred Feminine, a greater intimacy is cultivated. An angelic child is born from the fusion of Creation Love and alchemical marriage of Divine parts coming together as a New whole in sacred Union. The star is the symbol of illumination, a guiding starlight of hope, sometimes inspiration can come out of doubt. The Star gives us strength to have faith in our path and what is true. As we follow our own guiding Star to the core of who we are. This is a New beginning in how we express our spirituality and walk our path, through devotion and trust in our own Mastery, exploring the realms of Union in relationships and co-operation on an earthly Human level.

December carries that energy of the ‘Star of Bethlehem,’ the light upon where the Christed Child is born.


“Love Divine, Love Divine, dancing the dance of Divine Love! Rejoice – Rejoice in the Love of Creation, for we are the Love Divine! The Cosmic sensation, Celestial supernovas of Sunshine. Eternal Starlight, dancing the night away to the Love of the Divine, Shine forth, come Now there is no time! Feel Alive one breath at a time.”

We are entering a Cosmic gateway, this brings all into refinement and acceleration. When this synthesis occurs and we squeeze through the birth canal – something miraculous is conceived! This doesn’t have to be something physical or an event. It could be as simple as a moment, a feeling. Our feelings are magnetic, what are we creating? There is an emphasis on manifesting through Magic and there is this Divine Masculine bringing forth a call to Action!



The great Divine Union of the Lovers.

This feels like a deeper Cosmic Union, the re-Union with our sacred lineage of the Galactic Beloveds! There is this greater communication occurring which is streamed as our Stellar encoded DNA is activated. It attunes us to melody of the Stars and our own Galactic story. This is entwined with the sacred lineage of our Twin Soul. These star crossed Lovers in the painting each have a lock of hair coiled together as they represent the twin DNA forming. They represent the alchemical level of the Hieros gamos, the sacred marriage. Which is occurring deep in our cells, changing our cellular design of being Human.

As we remember more of our true origin’s and our Divine heritage of the Stars and Earth, a Divine Union and multi-dimensional merge is felt. This multi-dimensional merging occurs over many levels. It’s occurring through the Light intel encoded in our Divine sexuality. As we embody and create more through this Cosmic Love, our act of loving is becoming more devotional. The unification of two polarities harmonising is creating an alchemy of Love, which transmutes everything from an energetic and biological level. This can be felt as an inner balance and an electric charge sparked into being, which you could call the Spark of Life which birth’s New worlds and Life itself!


New energies incoming!

This feels like a very receptive time, which can be utilised creatively, as we create we are activating our DNA. The Mother Sophia also known as the Goddess of Wisdom lends her support, creativity can be a catalyst to make our inner visions become manifest. We are the living Creatrix, when our life is charged and sparked into being ~ it’s like lightening hitting Earth. This is the New energy that we are conductors and transmitters of. We may also find ourselves more sensitive in our body, and I’m getting a lot ‘ringing in the ears,’ which usually means new transmissions are being received. This message also speaks of our gifts we carry from our Soul, encoded with our Star heritage, we are inheriting something unique to us which is why we came hear to assist on Earth. By nurturing these precious Soul gifts, we are serving all Life.

We all carry something prime in us which is our gift to the Earth. It’s time to use our unique innovation and Soul inherited Creative abilities, which are being awakened as our dormant DNA now goes Live like a spark of lightening. This charge brings us even further into alignment with our core purpose. We are unveiling another layer in the sacredness of our journey, serving as the Star Princes and Princesses who give birth to a New crystalline Creatrix!


The 12-12 gateway!

This is always such a powerful gateway, 12 is a number of completion and relates to our Human design and our 12 stranded DNA, before we enter the 13 of Source. It has a lot to do with collective, group consciousness and our Over-Soul lineage.

As we align our bodies more with our Celestial Self, we align with the greater powers governing our reality. There is a greater connection to Earth and the wider Galactic Community at this time, this is described as the “Association of Worlds.” This 12-12 gateway is occurring globally and off planet, as Earth is connected multi-dimensionally to the Ascension of all Worlds. As we open up to this greater Cosmic community, we are merging timelines. A greater Unity can be tapped into through our Life force, as a golden thread connects us. The Association of Worlds is a group that includes many other extra-terrestrial races and dimensional species, who are working with Humans off and on Earth, they are letting us know their support and that we are part of this group. This encourages loving Service to the greater Whole and the emphasis of building community on Earth. 🌍


We just celebrated the last Full Moon of the Year and it felt like it was time to celebrate! To let loose, play in the jewels of joy in song and dance! As we come to the end of the Year, it’s time to take life with both hands and open up to a wold full of Magic. Christ-mass is always such a magical time of year and allows us to open to our inner Child. In the freedom of using our imagination and having fun in joyful Love and laughter. The Holy-days are not a time for working, but a time for rejoicing in all with have transformed and accomplished this year! This letting go of troubles and filling ourselves with joy, opens us up to the New reality far more easier.


This weekend from Friday the 16th to the 18th, the Sun moves across the Galactic centre, so we may be receiving lots through that core Pulse of Life which we can feel as our Human heartbeat. The expansion and contraction of our Heart is like the heartbeat the Beloved , the Union of polarity, as the Sacred Kiss. I feel this return to something primordial who makes us who we are. We could call this our core authenticity, it’s something so uniquely encoded within us. It’s like the initial heartbeat that gave us life and runs through our energy, blood and veins.


I’m feeling Alive and full of so much energy as I moved through this Full Moon integration.

As the Sun moves across the Galactic centre, there certainly is a revival of our Cosmic Life force, as we moved through the depths in the ‘Night of the Soul,’ something deep was uncovered and excavated. Something in us is dying, being cleansed and purified. I have shed an old skin and now I feel a Divine revival, a Spark of Life! As we align with the Galactic centre, it’s a perfect time to go align with our own centre.

The Galactic Pulse of Life brings everything into alignment, so we may have to surrender to the flow of this reconfiguration. There is this feeling of everything being in its right place, this place is purity, the Natural disposition of our Soul. There is a return of our primordial Light, our prime Source within. Last night I was shedding tears, tears of joy just because this feeling rings so true to me, a homecoming to what I have been longing for and where I belonged all along. I call this the home of Love. To me it feels like true happiness, contentment and simplicity of residing in my Sacred Self. It’s also truly humbling as I feel wrapped up in my own everlasting embrace. This is a place I feel safe, I feel strong and prepared to meet the next cycle in my journey.

This also ignites our Christed centre, the crystalline core from where our Creativity flows. As we approach the Winter Solstice, this is the beginning of the New Solar year, which really is the true meaning of Christ-mass, where we birth the New through our Solar Christ Self.

It’s time to celebrate the Holy-days. To honour our Holy temple, our Soul axis and align with the greater Pulse of Life, the Cosmic heartbeat pulsing from the Divine Mother. The Holy Sophia!

Blessed Be,

I Love You All so much!

Bethan Elviea Lumina.

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