Death, Re-Birth and the Art of Living!

Take time to smell the Roses. What’s the rush in life?  Why spend time always in fast forward motion when we can stop and appreciate the beauty of each moment. There are countless miracles unfolding everywhere if only we stopped and took the ‘time’ to be present with them. The Ascension in the Now. 


Hello Beautiful Souls,

October has proven to be exceptional month already full of so much radical change into how we live our lives. These past fews weeks have allowed us to integrate all we gathered during the Eclipse season, as the autumn winds come in, the leaves fall from the trees and the colour of the landscape changes. We are reminded how colourful Death can be, I always found that Nature is the greatest teacher and my prime Source of inspiration.

‘Time’ itself is becoming more malleable and the form of growth is a lot less linear. We find ourselves looking back at a photo from just a few weeks ago and thinking, is that really me? As we experience these deep transformation’s of Death and Re-birth, we bring our focus to the present, we feel into how we are radically shifting in the continuous flux of the Now. We may feel how this alchemical transmutation is effecting the bimolecular level of our cells and how we engage with life is evolving. The infinite flowing energy that is always in-motion. This is how the New current’s move, it’s constantly evolving and never stays the same. Riding these waves, allows us to keep re-birthing ourself, like a continuous stream of Resurrection.


The old dies and birth’s the New simultaneously in each waking moment. Although this keeps us on our toes to constantly be met with something fresh and unexplored. Living through a surrendered state of devotion, has it’s own jewels to behold. This welcomes life to Divinely inspire us and opens up Divine gifts which surprise us and keep us curious. It feels ever more important to be spontaneous and allow the rigid Human beliefs of what it means to live a ‘spiritual life’ to dissolve. In the New, life is always serving something different on the menu we have yet to taste. The world is our playground and we are the game.

I keep being shown, how walking this path is really becoming like a living Art form, infused with our unique artistry, original expression and most of all – our magic!


When all seems lost, there is always something to be found. A flower doesn’t hold her petals forever, she lets them go. Then disperses her seeds into the nothingness to once again be reborn – out of nothing.


The beauty of feeling your way through life and seeing with all our senses and not just the eyes. Not knowing what lies ahead, uncovering each layer by layer. Like walking through a jungle, forest or overgrown garden. Surrendering to the flow and trusting your guidance. Being guided by the Heart as we feel into each step of the way. What I’ve come to realise on this journey is planning in advance just doesn’t work and I really just have to live from the Now moment and surrender the need to know in advance. The mind wants a plan but our Soul just wants as Adventure! 🌸


We are integrating the incoming energies through the Sun. At this time, our body may feel a bit more tired and need allot more rest and tender loving care! It’s important within the hustle and bustle of the everyday to take time for ourself. This graceful pace of life makes us more receptive to New ideas and inspirations more aligned with our true Soul desire. We may feel the urge to begin New things and projects straight away. Although instead of rushing ahead with excitement, the guidance was to begin each day with ease and grace. As we move into this New cycle we can be patient, centered and grounded. We may feel as if we have received SO much, we don’t know how to begin or which way to go. If many choices and directions are presenting themselves, know this is only an opportunity for us to demonstrate our Mastery and utilise our Soul inherited Wisdom. So much growth occurs when we apply what we have learnt in our actions and choices we make.

Indeed, this journey can feel like a series of choices being made continuously, step by step. This nurtures the deepest Trust in ourself and inner Heart-knowing. If we feel confused about which direction to take then it’s time to step back, take a deep breath and re-align with ourself. Focus on nurturing the body and returning to our physicality. Not everything happens right away, it’s all in Divine timing which serves our highest growth.


The Love of the Heiros gamos.

This sacred alchemical Union occurs from within. If we keep searching outside for this true Love we believe will complete us, we will never be fulfilled. Whether we search for this in another person, an activity or anything. We can only become Whole when we return to Divine Love in ourself. The eternal Love that is always present and permeating all Life. When one cries out for attention or acts needy or controlling, this is only through the lack of Love from the Self. We were lead to believe that to Love meant to give through self-sacrifice. We see it played out in many stories and through characters like Sir Lancelot from the Arthurian legends. The Love of the Self is not what we know as the ego. When we Love ourself through the purity of our Heart, we actually enter a deeper devotion to the Self, to be committed to this Love, as the Love of who we are. How could you ever be committed and devoted to another if your not even committed to yourself first?

This is why there are so few everlasting Unions on this planet. Perhaps we are scared to devote to ourself, because to hold that much power seems scary. Perhaps at first it seems foreign because Humanity are so used to giving power away, but it creates such a stable foundation for the core of Love to create. So then this Love can overflow, radiate and echo out into the world. It can harmonise, unify and balance everything we come into contact with. To me, this is the living state of the Heiros gamos, the sacred Marriage of Life. It’s not a relationship status, a twin flame or spiritual goal, but a way of being, a presence, an equation that is harmonised within.


We are starting to see the ripples of Love flood out into the world. The chain reaction of the alchemical marriage we set into motion. Those devotee’s of Love, who have been deepening this inner Union for many years now and making it a reality. It feel’s as if there has been a breakthrough, now a weight has now been lifted. These waves of Love are now being carried out around the Earth like a giant ocean reaching every Heart on the planet. We can now see the crystallizations of our Love begin to materialise more into physical form. This is because enough space has been opened and cleared to welcome these new waves of Love onto the planet.


As the Sun now enters Libra, the scales of the Divine Feminine and Masculine begin to equalise and even out. It’s as if for eons, one polarity has over powered the other. But Now it’s time for them to come in sync and find a peaceful harmony. This grand balancing act we are all participating in. Equalise’s the polarity of the Earth, thus creating a meeting point. A place of equilibrium. A middle ground of neutrality where the New is to be found!
This place of Balance is so powerful it acts as a catalyst. A great Cosmic synthesis which sparks New form into being! This Love is the instigator of Truth, it levels everything out. It illumines the Dark into the Light and returns all lost part’s Home. Through the Love of ourself as the Love of the Beloved. We call all these parts into Wholeness. The fragmented aspects are called back through the song which is Love. The Union within the Self, creates an unbreakable bond. This is our strength, this is our power, this is how we will change(ing) the world. The Love of the Beloved only wishes to create, it only wishes to serve and go forth in the light of Creation.


Dancing in the ever changing rhythm of Life, flow with the Spirit of the Divine. Let go, let loose, spin, twirl and fall. Surrender to the Dance of Now. The Soul embodied. The timelessness of the moment. Dancing in the wild freedom of being of being exposed, vulnerable and true.

Just like Magic, this aligns our inner and outer worlds. When we stop trying to have such a tight grip on our reality and loose the tendency to control our outcomes. When we surrender to this Love, which can’t be analysed and contained. We feed and become the fuel of this fire so it can have an eternal Life of it’s own. An everlasting Love of our own Holy Union.

This Love takes us beyond the known, into a world of miracles. Where the Lovers meet there own Creation and a New world is born.



“I walk in the world beyond, the event horizon, the starlight abyss, the zero point of forever, the everlasting Union, the eternal light of our sacred kiss. “


We are just over half way through this Lunar cycle which began as a New Moon on the 1st of October in tropical Libra and sidereal Virgo. This cycle was a powerful time of transformation through completion and re-birth through balance, harmony and Self development in relationships. It feels like a pivotal time in our journey in becoming the Lovers of Life and what makes us spark! This New Moon was known as a black Moon, this is very symbolic of the completion and Death that is occurring. This is an ending which welcomes the void, the nothingness and emptiness of which the New arises. For me personally I feel like a great weight has been lifted. There feels as if there is a blank slate for us to begin again Anew. We experience this in so many different ways,  we shouldn’t rush this sacred process and let all unfold naturally. When we surrender to our Heart, what we feel and the Love that is guiding us – all is unfolding for our highest good and the good of all!

I celebrate Life, for it is so precious to be Alive.

We can’t always see the whole forest amongst the trees, everything has its Divine purpose within the Whole, even if we can’t see it right away. This is why sometimes it feels like we are feeling our way through life whilst being blind folded. This nurtures the deepest trust in our Heart-tuition and devotion on our behalf, to walk this path step by step. Being lead my the inner compass and the map of our Soul.


This October has a number one vibration for being the 10th month in the year. We really are starting completely over in a brand New cycle. One also stands for creativity and that individualization of the Self. Are we ready to be reborn and begin Anew? Well, that is up to You. Every seed we plant now is down to our own ignition, Divine authority and assertiveness. It’s a great time to enter the zero point in ourself, that space of balance and moment of conception. A cycle is ending and we may feel reflective about our journey and how far we have already come. It’s great to recognise our Self-growth and helps us to see the cycles and patterns unfolding in our life. It’s a great time to enter into our void and stillness, to capture the Divine spark that we are and what fires up our Soul flame. Our unique essence, our individual I Am.

Another member of my beautiful butterfly family, the red admiral.
It’s quite unusual to see so many butterflies this time of year in October, they seem everywhere in my life and have always been a strong animal totem for me. The butterflies are an a symbol of that Alchemy, through transmuting to one form into another. They are also a messenger of my Beloved, especially when I see two, they represent that beautiful symmetry of the Divine dancers, who just want to make Love to all life!

“She goes where the current of the Wind takes her. Gliding upon the serene patterns that give Birth to Life. She swam a thousand oceans to feel the Divine residue. She rekindled one hundred eternal flames to tame the Creation fire. She walked miles upon the sacred lands, to form her own body. She spoke to the sound of the wind to be free from what once was.

The Sky dancers of the Night, dancing in Starlight, Dakini is thy dancer, she flows, she grows, the Dakini dances in me!

Let me move like Nature moves, let me revel in Earth’s glory, the Soulful Woman, the Womb Wisdom and all her natural Beauty ~ untainted purity.”



The utter Bliss for simply being Alive and cradled in the arms of the Divine mother.

The beginning of October has felt so peaceful, tranquil and serene. I can feel it in the land and in the people also. Some may describe this as more of a ‘5th dimensional’ way of being. Where more is unified and synthesised into the centre of Love. It feels elevated yet grounded at the same time. As the polarities meet and a steady flow is realised. We don’t have to rush through our journey as if we’re in some sort of race to enlightenment. There is so much Magic in the simplicity of being. When we surrender to devotional living through the Heart, the old naturally falls away and we are left naked and true with ourself. No longer are we hungry to feed the ego with endless external stimulation. We simply feel, we are enough. It’s enough to just be who we are and share this with all Life. We may describe this as Source being. This doesn’t mean we stop desiring and wanting to expand. It’s in fact the opposite. When we immerse ourself into this deep presence, we actually open up even more. To this multitude of possibilities and gift’s that await us.

The purity of being alive is dissolving the preconceptions that limited our Human experience. The fragments are no long fractured and scattered. We are living magnetism, through the fusion of Love incarnate. Sculpting are way as Divine form, dancing between our sacred stillness and magical movement. Our interactions with life become more intimate, more meaningful and full of purpose. Every act becomes a miracle, every moment an epiphany.

All is being conducted within the Divine orchestra. We are one of those instrument’s, playing our favourite tune. The Sound of our Self. The Breath of all Life.


The most magical and mystical trees I have ever known! Full of wisdom and stories of old and new to tell. You only have to stop and listen. All life is speaking and communicating the words of the Divine. Enchanted rhythms, and spells of the sublime!



The Holy matrimony of the Cosmic marriage!

Right now a great Galactic synthesis is occurring, a melting point of many Star essences that make up our Soul’s lineage and Galactic journey. These codes are written in our DNA, we carry them hear to Earth. These code’s tell stories written through time, through the Galaxy that have been carried from planet to planet. Now is such a powerful time on Earth, many of these codes are now being re-written. Some of us volunteered to carry them, illuminate and transmute them through the sacred alchemical fire. The polarity of the Feminine and Masculine creation principle-essences are being harmonised, this balancing has been playing out for eons and are Now coming into equilibrium. Events that occurred light years ago from now are being integrated. This is not about being a Starseed or having contact with E.T.’s. This Cosmic marriage goes much, much deeper. It’s about the Core Creation template of the Galaxy itself, why certain Star essences were created and the grand plan of all and what each planetary body and Star civilisation is seeding. This Galactic synthesis is being integrated now because we are remembering our Divine heritage and the grander orchestration interwoven through life. As we remember this interweaving melody that weaves together all our Soul’s experiences, we remember why we are truly hear. This integration is occurring as the conglomeration of the Star Human as we awaken to the dream of the New Earth, we hear the calling for Union and Wholly integration. This is a very finely tuned thing indeed, like a familiar long lost story being retold.

The makers are meeting the Dream. The purpose of our existence, the sacred ceremony of being alive and the meaning behind every in and out breath of Creation.

14469523_10209990639419633_6104071241776196167_n.jpg“I bow, I bow, in the light of the sublime, mysteries entail, long lost tales of humbly serving the Divine.  I shine, come forth now Sisters of the Grail, eternal Eire, go forth in the fire, of thine heart. My cup of Holy wine !

The Beloved of all Time.”                                            …..


The Art of Living.

This autumn time is bringing that further absolution and I feel all cosy and content within myself and my cells! Being devoted to how we feel in every moment takes great courage. As it asks us to be honest with ourself and release expectation. Although our mind might want to jump ahead and explore everything as inspiration’s come flying in. The physical body reminds us, things take time, like a garden blossoming. We have to prepare our soil for New growth. Which means laying proper foundation’s of fertility. As we become humble servants to our Life force, our bodily wisdom shows us the way in every moment. Being guided by how we feel in each step. It’s so simple yet takes great mastery to be applied, as we reconfigure eons of programming Humanity has carried in our cellular memory. Each action we take in life literally rewrites the patterning! This embodied Alchemy becomes the constant state of change and transformation we are inhabiting.
With all the external energies ‘up in the air,’ I was really reminded in Nature to just slow down, be grounded and commune within that receptive state of the sacred Feminine essence. As the polarities balance out we become those stabilizing the energy to anchor Harmony and equilibrium on the planet.

Yes we really DO so much by just BEing because we are changing the way of living. From the internal to the external. So within ~ so without, as Above ~ so Below.

To be Human is really a living Art form, as we become those Masterpiece’s of Divine. We realise how perfect we already are, without the make-up, all the fuss and all we do to try and dress up our lives. I want to immerse myself in that Divine simplicity, when every action becomes a devotional act of worship, when life becomes a sacred ceremony of celebrating You.


A call for “Devotional living,” these were the words whispered in my ear by Spirit as I took my walk yesterday. When ‘surrender’ doesn’t just become a short cut or life hack, but a constant flow of surrendering to being in every moment and consistent devotion to fall in Love with Life.

A deeper integration is taking shape and a greater refinement of our authenticity. When we drop the labels of who we think we are and simply FEEL into who we are. With every inner cell and particle, feeling the zero point of Love in every space of our inner cavities embodied. The depth of this Love has no end and is truly real when it arises from such a deep part in us. Lots of transparency has been needed on this path, so we could “get to the bottom” and uncover the hidden layers of where our Truth resides.

This Soul excavation was an in-depth task, but instead of seeing it as hardship “healing work” it’s actually our Soul’s greatest honour and Service. This Devotional Living is a gift to us and the world, when we are devoted to our Heart centred Self . When we attune to this we will feel that closer, symbiotic relationship with all life, the Divine accord that all living forms are co-existing. The sound of heavenly bliss, played by the ultimate orchestra which is Divine Love.



Guardians of the green.

The land I grew up in is always overflowing with fertility. Although it’s been heavily farmed because of this reason. There is still such an abundance of thriving life force. It would actually be more then possible to survive off the wild here. This Motherland as I like to call it harbours so much plenty, with it’s rich, fertile and nourishing ground. When your here, you truly feel like your being nurtured and cradled by the curvy hills. The form of the landscape takes that of the Goddess. The curvaceous body draws the outline of the sacred Feminine. The more I embrace the essence of this land, the more I embrace the Soulful Woman I Am growing into. I’m starting to see the deeper meaning of why I Am here and why I have so diligently served hear for nearly 25 years now. We all choose our place of birth and some of us volunteered to anchor the New in certain places. This goes beyond labels and fixed identities. It’s a natural part of our Life and so interwoven in our blueprint we can’t run or hide from it. We don’t need to analyse it, just go where our Heart is guiding us.

Because this land has so much to offer, with its bountiful harvest, magical sacred spaces full of enchantment and mystery. No wonder these were Earth places of worship and sanctuary. Where the energy of the Dragon breathes strongly and the magnetic ley’s of the Earth gather and synthesise. There is that true energy of communion, gathering and community. So no wonder so many are still guided to come together at places like Stonehenge and Avebury at the Solstices. Many fertility rights and cycles of the Womb were celebrated hear, like a gateway of New Birth.

This land, welcomes Union/Communion, Celebration/Ceremony and Creating/Birthing. Which all correspond to themes in my journey of feeling like I’m a Cosmic Midwife assisting in birthing the New. Whilst embodying my own sacred Feminine form and all the creativity and magical gifts I have to offer!


This journey can feel like you are flying yet grounded at the same time and this month of October, I keep being shown a launching pad. Like an inter-dimensional runway, for us to prepare for ‘take off’ in our New lives.

I had a dream of me being a big tall giant in these lands, and I’ve had many dreams of me flying above them! Which really is a symbol of my own growth and archetype. It’s no coincidence that Silbury Hill a.k.a – the White pyramid, has been the location of the E.T beings we call the ‘Tall Whites.’ Indeed this area acts as a Star Gate and many multi-dimensional worlds collide hear, hence all the circles and Light ship sightings. On a deeper level then just observing the metaphysical phenomena. This whole area acts as an inter-dimensional exchange centre and a ‘landing spot,’ to rejuvenate and recharge. For many other magical beings alike, we are also one of of them! As we become those multi-dimensional Human’s living in the here and now, we become a conglomerate of many worlds. What a beautiful experiment indeed, how radical we truly are!

We can see everything unfolding in the Divine plan, knowing there is always a Divine purpose behind everything whether we can see it or not, eons of planning went into this and we came well prepared for our path here on Earth! Therefore there is no need to worry or feel like were going to miss out on anything.



Autumnal fire, burn away the Old and resurrect the New!

I willingly walk into the wheel of flames, for the fire purifies my form. Welcoming Death as I embrace re-newel! No wonder we celebrate bonfire night and Halloween in the autumn time, the dark nights rekindle our Soul fire, and light up the flames of passion that wish to burn so bright!

Yes our DNA is changing and a lot of this is flowing with the way in which we create, the way in which we express our Light. As we align with the creativity that runs through our living DNA, we connect to the Creation pool which is overflowing with the elixir of the Divine Mother. We are aligning with our own stream of Creation, as we step through this threshold, a New door is opening. This connects us to our own Universal guidance. The energy of the Cosmic Shaman/Shamaness or the Shamanka. Our expression is mutable and in-transition as we adapt to the New environment. This draws us inward to seek our own inner Wisdom from our Soul and direct connection to Source. We hold all keys of information within us. This is our Divine blueprint, and an inner alchemical process has to take shape for us to access this. Each strand within us is a component, we are the equation of life itself, synthesizing together to become the Chemistry of Love which creates. This is the universal force, in our genes which is made up of the same patterning as the all prevailing Mother of Life. She is expressed in many forms and it’s a delight to see the cornucopia of colour and various worlds expressed in this reality.

It’s a powerful time of Dreaming and putting spells into Action, which really is just conjuring the Creative power/force we all possess. For me this is the true meaning of the Witch and to be initiated into the Creation mysteries as a Priest/Priestess of our own magical realm or ‘Creation-dom’ as I like to call it. As we approach Hawllow’s Eve it’s the perfect time to conjure our inner Witch or Wizard!


The Passion of Life itself.

This weekend I did this painting with oil paints. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I got the oil paints out! I feel such passion when I paint so I intuitively began to paint the feeling of Passion for Life itself. I love the free flowing effortlessness we tune into when our creative juices are flowing and we simple allow what wants to come through in the moment instead of analysing the process.

We no longer have to project what we are passionate about on to external activities, events or people. Although these are symbols of the passion that naturally flows through our veins. This surging passion, flows as our Life force, if we feel passionate to move in a certain direction, then this is our Life force saying yes to this path. This passion is encoded with our Soul Wisdom because it acts like a map. When we feel passion, we are feeling our Soul fire and what rekindles our Divine spark! This is our gift to the world so why not express it?  Which ever way it flows for us, it’s not about the thing itself but the expression which is being birthed.

14519863_10209939634504542_2144338462208548444_n.jpgWe are reminded that Death is an important part of Creation in order to reborn. The plant of Ivy reminds us of immortality, being evergreen and the spiralling energy of expansion. Were invited to think out the norm, to be different from the rest of our environment. To thrive where others may not dare to tread. All seeds are dispersed from us, we grow through steady dedication to our inner path. To truly serve the Earth and all Life, we must be also loyal and humble to ourselves and devoted to our growth.

Were asked to let go, let the autumnal winds blow away all the old and whats holding us back. Through this liberated freedom can be met as we embrace the New, we are gifted with New inspirations of where the Divine winds are guiding us.

Tree’s don’t hold on to anything, they move in cycles that work within greater cycles. We are also a part of these cycles which are reflected in our growth and expansion!


14519878_10209939637664621_2079303544677239334_n.jpg(Diamond gateway and the Pillars of Creation, watercolour painting, September 2016.)

As they say, there is no time like the present! The time is Now, to step into our own gateway, the cryztalization of our own path, which is unique to us ~like a Diamond. Shining so multi-faceted, smooth to touch but harder then rock. So beautiful and glistening yet nothing can cut through it. To me, its the purest form of Love. When we resurrect our own Pillar, we become that clear vessel for Source to stream through us. Our individual and original Creation expression that will shape the architecture of what we call New Earth.

I Love You all through the depth of my Heart,

Blessed Be,

Bethan Elviea Lumina.

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