Living from the Land of the Beloved


Welcome Beloved Souls!

What does it mean to Live from the Land of the Beloved? The Beloved embodied path that many of us are initiates of, lies within the very heart of our essence. Which ripples out into the way in which we live our lives. The land of the Beloved is no destination, goal or relationship status; but a way of life. It’s a state of being which radiates from our Soul embodiment and then begins to shape and sculpt our physical reality. Many of us have been cultivating this sacred space from within and now get to enjoy the magical playground we have created for ourself. The Land of the Beloved is our unique realm, a garden of Eden, the eternal isle of Youth. Where we can enjoy the abundance and fruits of our growth and Soul harvest.

The Land of the Beloved means to live from a state of Wholeness, where all fragments have been synthesised and a conglomeration of all aspects that make us who we are. A synthesis of all our Multi-dimensional facets that make up our unique Sovereign Unity. The grand Union of all Self’s returning home to our individual totality. Which is no longer separated, needs healing or fixing. We are all at different stages of attaining this Divine equilibrium and the journey is filled with enriched experiences that play out in our daily Human lives. We all experience our unique rites of passage and initiations. As Beloved initiates, we have to go through these experiences on our own to Master our-Self. I only share my own journey from a humble space of openness to perhaps trigger and catalyse your own journey as an illumined Lover.


“Take me to the Land, the Land of the Beloved…
The eternal Isle of Youth, the betrothed and the belonging.

As I lay submerged in my own longing, imbued with the scent that is the waters of Love.

I bask in the Light of our Divinity, deep beneath the pools of thought which guide me into my own symphony. Upon the balcony of which I see before me, I dive into the Ocean which is my Soul sensation, swimming beneath what I once knew, no longer shallow ground but deep waters of belonging, the arms of my Beloved take me under, take me under the shoreline, down into the depths of my own body. I am at ease within myself, my scent, the aroma that is us: our alchemical infused fragrance. The essence that only grows strong with time, but is also timeless in its infinity – utter entirety.

I recognise the drowning, the submerged effect of being drowned in my own water. The sweet nectar that is my overflowing, the entrenched dew that is my suffering, the pleasure I gain by only feeling but a drop of sweet residue dripping from our sacred skin. The skin that keeps me under, emerging rays penetrates the sea surface, our separating circles start to spin into one another. Like two colliding luminous spheres, interlocking and melting into one another. Know longer solid but like water, like liquid sunshine which makes two equations whole. The embrace I own, the embrace I belong.

Equalising our polarised notion, a magical blend of bubbles that float up and onwards. On to the surface, the sky that is like clouds breathing down my shallow breath. I pause a second to remember the sound of your breath upon mine, like a glimmer of sunshine that warmed my breast. The shallow inhale that was finding it hard to take a breath. I interlocked my lips and gave you my breath, within one sacred kiss, I gave you life before you were about to die. In that one second, my lips saved yours, stopped your blood running dry and re-sparked your lungs into motion. My exhale that made you survive, filled the in-between edge of life and death. The gap that separates the forsaken and the betrothed.

The gift of Life that keeps the forever living burning. The spark that keeps the eternal fire lighting.

The illumined touch.

I breathe into You,

The breath that gave us life,
the Union that kept us from separation.

The first kiss, breathing us into existence,
the inhale that forever lives and the exhale that never dies.

I remember how I was born,
do you know how you survive?”


To be Free, within ourself.


When we stop running away from who we are and end the seeking to find oneself, we surrender to our true self.

That which stares right back at us in the mirror. The one we have been looking for and who never went away.

When the search of finding yourself only leads you back to the one who was always hear.

To be.


The chaos that is the wild feminine, the untamed, the untainted and true. The wild wind that moves and allows the chips to fall in unexpected places. The mystical avenues that appear as if by Magic but only to the eye that wonders off course, the curiosity she feels and knows so well, the untold story she longs to hear. The inner path of the Mystica, the hidden dance of the Tantrika, the life force that leads her amongst the mist. The partner to simplicity, that blows up any expectations, of what this journey might unveil, allowing the wind to take me beyond the realm of the seen, upon the vale of my Dreams.




Dance of the Tantrika

Embodying my Breath of Life and my Beloved Tantra Dancing ! The Goddess fire rekindles and wants to move with her mysterious life force. This is my joy, this is my passion!




The path of the Mystic

Many mystical initiations concerning our Divine Wisdom and how we apply this to our Human lives are unfolding. The path of the Mystic embodies and practices there teachings rather then accumulating spiritual knowledge.

As we enter the harvest season, now is a time we feel connected to the Great Mother. How we live our lives is changing and how we interact with all of Creation, a greater focus is refining how we use the power of intent and live intentionally. We hold the power to bring blessings to all and live through that pure White blossom of Life which nourishes all. The White Lady of the almond tree brings the truth of Unity consciousness. The all prevailing Love within Co-creation. Our mystical path is evolving and unveiling hidden passageways that connect with many others. As we open our hearts, we feel this interconnection that links our branch with the greater Tree of Life connecting all. From this seed of truth we grow and by which this flower, we flourish.

As we open up to that infinite abundance that the great Mother provides and cultivate our own Creation flame we can create anything we desire. This is certainly a very creative time with an emphasis on our own personal Mastery journey and how we embody our own Soul Wisdom and practice our Creation gifts. A brand New era is blossoming for those on this Mystical journey where we can now see the physical fruits of what we have been creating for years. A new stage where we can see the garden which we have grown and enjoy the harvest it naturally offers! A time to enjoy and be proud of what we have planted in this world!



Who are we? Where are we going and what are we doing hear?

This journey poses many questions but the seeker will always be seeking until it finds itself and steps into it’s Mastery.

I do not have all the answers and nor would I want to, I Am an explorer of my own realm and the unknown keeps me exploring and excavating even deeper. The more authentic soil being uncovered with every discovery. I thought I was going one way then once again the tables turned, the winds changed direction and my ship began to sail in a New way. I really don’t know my destination, I really don’t know what my ideal destination would even be, but my heart is my compass and my life force knows the course. The ride can be bumpy with some ups and downs and stormy waters, but the natural rhythm will guide you, guide you to the eternal isle of your belonging.

I see a New horizon, many of us feel as if we may be completing and arriving at the same time. The tempo is changing and in this space of in-between it’s normal to feel slightly void, lack of inspiration or even passion. When we feel ’empty’ this doesn’t mean we arn’t filled with Life force. If we are feeling neutral or full of ‘nothingness’ this doesn’t mean we are arn’t feeling Love. This neutrality is actually Divine Love and the void is the space by which the New arises. We’re so used to having so much stimulus, activity and distraction but what arises truly in this empty space of our Self? This is when the New dawn comes, when we stop searching and allow our New Self to emerge, like looking far across the vast ocean – you may feel like you see ‘nothing’ then all of a sudden an exotic land emerges as if out of know-where, this is our eternal living, the land of the Beloved, the New terrain we are pioneering, the King/Queendom of our New Earth!


Allowing ourselves to be Free.

Freedom is always there, waiting for us discreetly until we have the patience to stop distracting ourselves with what we think isn’t allowing us to be free. To return to the Freedom of being, our natural Divine state. When we let go of all that is hindering us and surrender to that wind, the current which is our ever changing, the movement of our Soul, we will know – Peace.

I fly the White flag of Unity, which really is a symbol of the sovereignty in my own unification. My individualised Soul spark within the greater Whole of All That Is. Being ‘One’ doesn’t mean we are all the same, embrace your differences because thats what makes us unique within Unity. Our individualised expression supports the greater Whole, when we grant ourself this gift, the gift to express, to be ourselves and create. We unleash the precious force that fuels this very existence. Our passion is powerful and creates a chain reaction of creativity. When we become masterful in utilising our tantra and learn how to cultivate that Creation fire, we tap into our own unique Creation code.

Freedom comes in many forms but it is us who grants this rite, if we give our power away externally to what we think suppresses us from being free we will never know true freedom. To be free on all levels takes deep surrender to the Soul embodiment. It’s a Divine gift every human being is worthy of. It may even feel scary at first and almost unfamiliar because we are so used to carrying the burden of the world. For me the main thing about stepping into the New is about engaging with this Self Freedom!


Surrender to how you feel.

Surrendering to how I feel is one of the greater challenges for me, but the more I listen to my body and what it’s telling me in every moment~ the more I see how everything is unfolding perfectly. Yes we still have the ups and downs but things go so much more smoothly when we surrender to how we feel. Instead of going against the tide, I flow with the current of where my body wishes to go. When I need rest, I rest, when I want to dance, I dance. It makes planning in advance a little harder but we are learning to decipher our Life force in the moment. Going into the unknown of every Now means being willing to change, adapt and open to New possibilities. 


The 8/8 portal felt like a grand sealing, where we are arrived at a New event horizon on our journey. A great Cosmic Re-Union between us and our Soul. We should feel really proud of ourselves and what we have accomplished so far. A cycle is ending and a brand New cycle is igniting. I feel a re-kindling of my sacred fire, burning away the old and illuminating the New! A greater communion with our Galactic purpose can be felt as we step into something completely New on Earth. Don’t be alarmed if things don’t feel like they used to, if what used to feel joyful now feels empty. We have outgrown so many things, people and locations – our feelings are guiding us into our New purpose. I Am embracing the change and allowing myself to step fully into my Cosmic Mastery, it’s time to walk our highest purpose of why we truly came hear.

We may ask ourself but what if I’m not ready? But I’m always reminded – we were born ready and Love doesn’t ask anything of us but to just come as we are.


I feel myself growing more into my Natural Self, allowing the old skin to be shed and transform into the purer form that is the true me. Like a tree shedding it’s leaves, we have to know when it’s time to let go of what we know in order to grow. Our heart will tell us what we have out grown and although feelings of loss and emptiness may arise, this is only guiding us deeper into our journey. My purpose is not fixed and is ever changing, I am an emerging being of illumination. I know when it’s time to leave, change and grow new routes. This is a perfect time to say goodbye to the old and plant new seeds. Death is an essential part of our Creation cycle, what we were has to die in order to resurrect and be reborn again! This part isn’t always easy but it’s so worth it in the end.

Embrace the unfamiliar, the unknown – the weirdness that is the New You!


We Cosmic voyagers – venturing into New worlds!

What has this Summer gateway opened up in You? For me it’s all about my planetary Service, how I have completed a cycle in the way I serve(d) as a Gatekeeper and how I am being guided to move on and relocate! When we are so attuned to Nature and the elements, all life will communicate with us and guide us into the next phase on our journey. This may feel like something completely New that hasn’t even been revealed yet, yes this is scary but how exciting is that? When we open up to the greater Cosmic forces sculpting our path and trust what we feel in our natural surroundings.


Life’s is pretty Magical…

Being guided by spontaneity ~  I was guided to this field where there was a crop circle, I was just thinking how I haven’t been in one in such a long time and then I was guided directly to one! What was so pleasant about it is that there was knowone there and I was on my own to enjoy and integrate the energies. I feel it’s important for us to take time to be in solitude and relax outdoors! It was such a magical day I even made a video about it. The best adventures are the unexpected ones!


We’re getting GALACTIVATED

Those Cosmic rays that were showering us during the Perseid’s meteor shower in August activated us on more Star Human levels. As we open more to the Stellar energies influencing us, our ascending reality can feel like we are flying pretty ‘high’ but grounded at the same time. This is the Human fusion of the ascended/descended experience of becoming our Soul Light embodied. We are being galactically encoded right now which is changing us genetically, as we mutate into the New Cosmic Humans of Earth!

We may feel this calling to ‘step up’ more in our embodied mission and applied Service. This is why it’s important for us to spend time in nature to assist in our integrating and so we can absorb the New Light codes pouring through the New Earth Creation templating. A New magnetism can be felt as this electromagnetic energy literally pulsates through our body. This may feel like a greater wielding of our Life force and may erupt into some sort of spontaneous combustion, in outbursts of laughter, joy and bliss.

A huge weight has been lifted of all still weighing us down and tied to the old ways. Time to truly free ourselves and step into that higher Truth of our liberated Soul. Our Solar-lit Self, the Divine spark that We Are, as one synthesised Whole.


What duos it actually mean to be a Crystal child.
Duos it mean you like lots of crystals?
For me it means to be a pure being of crystallized Divine Love. To live your own Light embodiment, a Divine Child of Source! So many of us came to this planet with the New Crystallized Human templates and had certain experiences that acted as triggers to fire these codes within us. To be crystalline, is to be the pure Divine form of Christ consciousness, which is the Light that serves Unity and radiates from Source. Crystal beings act as facilitators of this and remind us of our form in Divine perfection. To become Crystalline is a process of our Soul embodiment and a refinement through purity. It takes physical devotion and lots of purification is needed in the body. I used to use crystals so much on my journey but now my relationship has changed and they are no longer as ‘needed’ I was shown how this is because I’m becoming more crystalline myself. These divine instruments aren’t merely for healing and for our possession, but are sovereign being themselves hear to serve Creation! I respect and honour them, and they honour me too! 

We look to messengers from Heaven not realising we are the Angels we have been looking for. We look to Spirit guides for confirmation not realising we are the guides who are guiding our journey. We look for our Soul mate not realising we are the perfect match for our Soul.

Whenever we search for something outside of ourself without cultivating it from within, we are actually pushing the experience away. Part of communing in Source intimacy is realising the divinity that is within us and claiming the Creation force that already lies within. Why do we still give our power away to healers, teachers and guru’s and such? Because this is what the old world was based upon, the myth of thinking someone other then you could know you better then you. 

True Masters will only guide others into there own Mastery. This is all about reclaiming our Life force, becoming empowered through it and owning our Divine birth right! If we try and impose on another with claiming to know what’s best for them or tell them what to do, this is a form of manipulation and control. An energetic violation of the Divine accord that every being has the sovereign right to know thyself.
No teacher, guru or master can tell you your purpose. This is our sacred gift to bestow upon ourself. Where would the magic be if you went to a ‘psychic’ who had all the answers for you?
In the New, we are our own Guru, it is us who holds the answers!

Owning our Mastery,
and taking back the power!

Call off the search…

It’s us we have been looking for.



Retrieving what it rightfully ours.

Are we still scattering our Life force into too many directions which leaves us fragmented and unclear?

I Am becoming more increasingly passionate about what I do, valuing my gifts and seeing how my passion supports my true purpose. The limits of what we consider our ‘Service’ is expanding. We are adapting to the New currents, the forward moving terrain that wishes to consistently birth the New. Our purpose is always changing, flowing and re-inventing itself. When we move beyond who we thought we were and what we thought we knew. We enter the unlimited realms of Freedom ! Meaning our journey can take an elevated form of forever flying free in its expanded expression.


Would You build a Queendom without a Fort?

So many of us are ‘graduating’ to a unified space of Wholeness. I received this as returning to the Land of the Beloved, this is the eternal domain of our Soul infused Human Self. The isle of Youth and land of the everliving! This space is infinite and yet finite to the enclosure of our Sovereignty. We are standing strong, tall and alone yet within the all encompassing Unity.

When we declare the sacred boundary of our Sovereign terrain, we actually honour our individuality within Unity. We’re learning to Master healthy boundaries with others as we ascend/descend into our Beloved embodiment.

As our Light augments, we become a magnet and like a light bulb, moths are drawn to the flame. Yet as a burning Creation flame we have to define our own territory before we chose to illuminate or burn away.

When we live from the Land of the Beloved; our home of Wholeness, we can only fully meet others within their own sacred space. When another approaches us from a state of lack and attempting to impose themselves upon us, this is not coming from a place of balanced harmony. Of course know one can ‘feed’ from us without us allowing them to but we will still feel the attempted infringement upon our free will. When we are attracting a lot of people it becomes even more important to be discerning and strengthen our fort. This is the protection of our Beloved King/Queendom. Not everyone values this inner wealth, we are the guardians of our own treasure and the keeper to whom can enter. I will only give the key to those I deem worthy and who honour the sacredness of space. Then there can be a mutual equilibrium of energetic engagement, a Divine dialogue of respect and integrity. If we still find ourself crying out and fishing for others approval, Love and attention perhaps we need to take care of our own inner garden and nurture our Beloved-land before meeting another in their own domain.

So much Mastery comes through practicing the path of Tantra, as we learn the dynamics of co-creation and the power of directing our Life force !



Our ability to Love is not fixed but an ever emerging essence that always wishes to grow and move beyond the known. Our Human Love also creates physical imprints, some people come in and out of our lives to quickly but others leave foot prints, lasting impressions on the Heart. Part of experiencing being Human, is being able Love embodied through the physical Heart. To open up the Human Heart and become one with that which moves us. Our feelings hold so much Wisdom in our body.

Opening to Human Love, opens us to change. When change is the only constant.
We are being taken deeper into our emotional experience. Surely to be Human is to embody the depth of meaning. As we live in the world of polarity, our feelings are refined and accentuated. Joy will feel more joyful yet pain will also feel more painful. Love embodied allows our life to become enriched and enlivened.

Our Loving is becoming more deep. Excavating the dormant truth that lies within the core of our Heart. This is not for everyone, for some they would much rather play it safe and merely skim the surface of the ‘Love and Light’. But what about the deep darkness of Love, the depths and the mystery. Surely these aspects are just as worthy to uncover?

To be a true Luminary and go where no other has gone before – it takes bravery to be a radical of Love. This breaks New ground for all those awakening Hearts, more richness can be accessible to all. This New depth of Love lies within the zero point, the nano second, the God particle that keeps all in motion.

This Love will last forever, for it is the ever emerging constant – the eternal embrace!



“Bathing in the light of the grand central Sun!

Immersed in the sound of my Cosmic Solar heart, that beats the Drum of Unity! Within the grand Central Symphony. I hear my voice, my Beloved song. Upon the Sovereign note I play within the Angelic overture. My Divine melody within the great Cosmic harmony. The Divine instrument I play within the greater Orchestra of Life.

Chime the bell of my Cosmic heart, that rings the bells of the sacred marriage. The ceremony between myself and I, Sol and Spirit, me as my Soul. The forever sound that is my constant. My infinite being.

The Celebration of being Alive, a radiant ray of Light. An ever lasting flame of Creation. The eternal liberation,  that vibrant sensation,  my heart’s celebration.

To be in Love with being Alive.

To breathe in and out;
the Galactic pulse,

The never ending Rhythm…
The Sound of One.

illumined Embrace.

Children of the Star race

Together Now

El – lo – aha

E l o h i m

In Grace”




Embodying transparency.

So often we care more about how we appear on the outside instead of being present with how we feel internally. The old spiritual journey lead us to believe that we had to feel a certain way to be of “a higher vibration,” well what if this wasn’t the case. How can we celebrate joy, bliss and happiness and then ignore frustration, stagnation and sadness. The only reason these emotions feel heavy or challenging is because we don’t embrace them in the illumined light of Divinity. Part of Mastery, is to unify all aspects of ourself including the challenging aspects that need integrating through Love.

Within this Human experience, we learn to integrate polarity and instead of playing the “good v’s evil” game ~ we marry the twin forces as one synthesised whole.
When we master the balance of harmony within ourself, we will bring peace to the world. The middle path of neutrality which is not about lack of feeling but the depth of Unification.

I get it, it’s easier said then done. So this is why all frontiers of the New are so precious to the planet right now, what we embody in our lives and how we move through daily experience is effecting this world and beyond. We create ripples which echo eternally through the universe.

Every feeling has a deep purpose, our emotion’s have wisdom, what we feel in our body is guiding us, we are learning to trust this innate bodily wisdom that humanity has been deprived of for so long. When we reclaim this Life force power. We can no longer be controlled externally. This means total emotional liberation and freedom as a Human being. Every stage in our cycle should be honoured however easy or hard it may feel.

To Love ourselves in which ever state we are presently, dissolves comparison and judgement. Being a Master isn’t about being your best or optimum standard. These high ideals create separation. I’m honouring my Self as this raw, untainted, natural, pure, transparent and true Woman who’s not afraid to feel and be real.

“I walk with the Goddess and she walks with me”




The Eclipse/Equinox passageway.

For me this has been a powerful personal gateway as we gear up for the Equinox this month, everything from this cycle will come into an equalisation, a balance of polarity and harmony. Anything unresolved will come up to be integrated. This may reveal itself as a mirror and reflections in our life that want to be met. This takes a lot of compassion on our behalf, to give space for ourself to move through these initiations with ease and grace. This has been a time of water for me, after visiting the ocean. Water brings purity and cleansing but it also brings swift change, a flux of movement and a new current to ride. Things are changing and we may want to move in a New direction. Any frustrations can be met with honesty, as this signals where we have become stagnant.

Our lives are our own to live, this is the basis of Sovereignty. Know one can walk our own path of Mastery but us. There is great pride in this and majestic beauty but also more responsibility in how we utilise our power. I feel so much gratitude and honour for all that meet me, I see every being as equal and self-existing. Let us dance in that Divine harmony that is Creation, our power no longer needs to be mis-used and abused but owned and retrieved. Cultivating a space of humility for every other being’s unique individuality. When empathy no longer burdens us but allows us to treat others and ourself with the purest integrity. This integral part of being an all-feeling embodied Human is probably the most challenging but urns the deepest respect for all living, sentient beings!

I honour the Creation Life force in all life forms and in You.


Strengthening our fortress!

So much is coming through about conserving and preserving the sacred space we have cultivated in our New life. To employ protection and authority through Divine Love doesn’t use force or violence as a form of defence. The Divine feminine uses her discernment and feminine wisdom to protect her realm through actively strengthening the boundary between Self and other. This doesn’t mean creating polarised separation but actually honouring the light of Unity by serving the individual expression of the Self which exists within the grander Whole. We are learning to honour, respect and value ourself by preserving our sacred space, our Soul garden and treasured land of the Beloved.

Just like the priestess of Avalon has to be initiated in how to part the mists of Avalon. Others will also need to be initiated in how to approach a Sovereign realm. Before this we will also be initiated and ‘tested’ in how masterful we are at strengthening our boundaries. This is why a discerning fortress is needed, to maintain the precious beauty, Life force and treasure. Not everyone respects the sacred space of others yet, so by practising our discernment actually assists other’s too. An initiated Queen doesn’t just wear a Crown and that’s it, we will keep expanding and growing by learning to maintain our Sovereignty and conserve our humble Mastery. This takes focus, devotion and perseverance. As we will meet those who wish to challenge us, who are actually assisting us in being the protector of our own realm. It’s no easy path, but the bounty that is cultivated is pure gold, like any precious gift you would not give freely unless the receiver knew the value.


“Purity of the White Rose…
Grace of the Divine Mother,
feel my tears,
Of joy’s sorrow.
As I surrender to your embrace,
The all encompassing,

O’ beauty,
which fills my lungs,
your naked Skin,
the Lover within,
the centre of me.

The forever life giving,
The ever living,

I am Virtue,
Honest, True.

Your soft breast,
My sacredness.
I am upon you, within you,
Forever more.



Time to truly be with ourself, sometimes this is the hardest person to be with.

To be our true Self, with no filters or cover-ups. The purity lies in our authenticity, that undressing that leaves us naked. When we lift the veil and reveal the untainted truth that has always been within us. Perhaps this feeling may feel like coming back to that state of innocence when you were a child but also at the same time a maturity is felt as you graduate to a level which is a more highly defined you.

As this refinement occurs our purpose is becoming more focused but less attached to a specific identity or label. Within this unearthing our true essence is excavated, like an ancient artefact, which is timeless because it is as old as time itself. This prime essence is our Origin, our Divine spark, the true Flame of our Soul expression. The process of purification through fire can feel destructive at first, as it’s burning away all that was unnatural to us.

The ring of Soul fire is all the protection we need. As fire only transforms what is natural, nothing is destroyed, only renewed and reborn. This Solar Eclipse, we are invited to step into our own Ring of Fire, which is our own rite of passage. We should not fear entering the void, the space at our centre. For this is the Divine nucleus which sparked our essence into being. When we tap into this Cosmic seed, we unlock our prime blueprint. All that we stem from. Our true Origin, that which we can’t escape. The essence which we can’t fake, the authentic Heart beat we can’t deny.

The Absolute.


Being Showered in the depths of Human Love!

The River of Life runs deep, no longer do we need to play it safe in the shallow waters. Are we willing to move deeper into the depths of what it means to be the Beloved embodied. I remember why I came hear, why I came into this physicality. One of the most precious gifts of being embodied is to experience Human Love, we no longer have to run away from this experience or try heal and fix it. Why deny any form of this experience which only wishes to be expressed.

Within this time of September which is the 9th month, many things are culminating from this year because this 2016 has the vibration of the number 9. For me this is all about completion, refinement and wisdom. Especially as we go into the Virgo cycle which is also represented by the Hermit in the tarot. This is perfectly aligned with the Mercury retrograde, this may feel like more of an inner time to focus on our Self. A wealth of growth can be cultivated through this and so much clarity can be gained through solitude. It’s also a great time to eliminate what is no longer serving us through purifying our physical surroundings which hold energy. Everything in life is a symbol of much greater energetic patterning. Instead of using “spiritual techniques” to escape our physicality, we see that ‘matter,’ does in fact – matter.

Practicing our Mastery is no cop-out our easy route out of hear, it’s the deepest, most illuminating path to take as a Human. Hope your all enjoying these waves of change in September illumined Souls! As we welcome Autumn and all the colourful blessings that the natural cycle of Death can bring.



Moving on…

Wondering where my journey will take me next like an ever moving song that spirals into infinity. So many of us may be feeling like we are coming to the end of one cycle and starting again a Anew. Sometimes this doesn’t feel easy being in the space in between, being in the void, in the silence. Just like the spaces in between notes that go unheard, in life there is always a progression. A phase of transition from one chord to the next. A time of melancholy perhaps, a pause, a time to take a break. A time to reflect and contemplate. To remember the sweet song that has already been played and the next song that has yet to be sung. Sometimes the song is not what you imagined and sometimes it leaves us dreaming and asking you to go deeper for the New unspoken tone that wants to be heard. In the silence we can find this clarity of sound, the voice of our Soul.

I’m going to be taking a break from online sharing to focus on my Music, Sound and Art! To play, create and enjoy the magical playground that is my Life; the Land of the Beloved!

I really hope you all have a beautiful beginning of Autumn!


Cosmic Love,

Bethan Elviea Lumina

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