Beloved embodied: Holy Cup ~ Holy Grail



Dear Beloveds,

Welcome to this blog post where I will be sharing all about my journey of the Beloved embodied and the essence of what it means to be the Beloved incarnate!

The longing for the Feminine and Masculine to reunite is a longing seeded many eons ago. For Humanity, this has been the main accord playing out on the planet and the ‘quest’ for True Love is at the centre of every story. This grand play has also been playing out in the polarity of the opposing forces being balanced on Earth. The Cosmic dance of the Beloved is mirrored from above to below; what is occurring on Earth is a microcosm of what is playing out in our Galaxy. The Love of the Beloved is returning through the fabric of our lives and re-writing all the dispositions that have kept us from allowing this Sacred Union to occur within Human Love.


As we embody more of our Soul purpose and Galactic mission in embodiment we also feel our calling of serving on grander Cosmic levels. Many of us feel this ‘shared destiny,’ with our Beloved which is always entwined throughout every detail in our life. We came hear encoded with this already re-written in our Divine blueprint, as our DNA strands awaken, we awaken to this Beloved encoding in our body and begin to embody what it truly means to be – of the Beloved embodied.

Many of us may feel the main mission in our Lifetime is to bring True Love upon the planet within a Sacred embodied Union in Divine relationship. To me the path of the Beloved embodied is no relationship status or goal I’m chasing. I understand this return of Love and coming home / becoming whole – is a deeper inner Alchemy of becoming my own eternal Lover of Life !


“I hear your breath thousands of miles away, as our hearts beat as one, upon lands beyond, the eternal skies of forever. We separated long ago until the time had come to meet again, within the totality of my own, the chosen tone, the cosmic node that beacons our belong, the return of Love has no goal, surrender my body onto the abyss, I long to be with you, until forever comes…”



Entering the the Wilderness of my Soul!

Whatever is occurring on the outside – always treat yourself how you truly deserve from the inside. How we treat ourselves is how we are treating the planet, when we start to show ourselves the Love, respect and honour we all deserve, we will see rapid growth on the planet. It all begins with us, we plant the seeds of change and it’s us who nurtures the garden by which we flourish. If your not in a loving and supportive place then put yourself in a harmonising environment and watch your garden blossom!

A Rose can only bloom in the right soil, Beauty can only unfold in the right grounds. This is a time to demonstrate our great Human Mastery from the inside out, whatever life throws at you – catch it with opens arms and show them how masterful you are at playing the Earth game!


The Return…

“Bringing back my Love, fate is calling me – I Am bound to you ~ through the veil, everlasting destiny… Thread through my skin – stitch the separation, meet my lips ~ the Sacred kiss, there is blood in my veins – my Love meets.”


To the freedom of Being…

Let your wings expand and glide upon the winds of the New! Let the Cosmic breath of Spirit take you to elevated heights beyond the world known. Our freedom isn’t based on our external conditions but the liberation we live by, through our Hearts! When we unite with our truth and liberate ourselves from all that holds us back and contains us from being who we truly are.

Our Beloved merge takes us into New territory which is both liberating and totally terrifying at the same time. This is because it is totally New, the embodiment of the Beloved has not been done on Earth before until now and was seeded through the Union of Yeshua and Magdalen. We are the second coming of Christ as the Seed of Life and Womb of Life intersected, the true Beloved resurrection through our Holy Cup of Life. This is the sacred space of Creation from which we create by.

This space of Love is our Holy Grail and is held within the most sacred part of us; our Creation essence.


“Be the Sacred Space that holds you dear. Become the cradle that carries you beyond fear.”

 A desire to serve on more Galactic levels is bringing us into more alignment with our core sense of purpose. More focus may be needed now, we are the ones who hold the power to direct the energy and a higher refinement is needed to walk our True path! Right now it feels like we have this amazing upliftment if we are willing to surrender to the Divine flow at hand.
The Divine flow and gentle Grace which is guiding us into deeper uncharted waters, the centre of our beingness. The Twin polarities are harmonising and this is creating a deeper merge, which births forth creativity, freedom and joy! The Joy of creation wishes to expand and propel itself into the world! Instead of just observing the world we are becoming the world in of itself ! There is a calling to refine and direct our life force into the exact centre of what we are serving and creating on higher levels; this will be no one thing but a conglomeration of synthesized parts coming together into Unity. This direction of walking the middle path will become more clearer the more we surrender.


The multi-dimensional merge! So many worlds to unveil and explore, as we move into the centre of our Cosmic Heart, all the fragments come together in a unified reality! The veils are thinning and revealing the multi-faceted way of being. There is so much richness and depth to experience in this Human embodied life, it’s a true gift and I feel so blessed to be hear. We are journeying deeper into the core Creation level of the New, which is revealing the heightened reality of New experience in the seemingly same location. When we live from this Soul fulfilment and enrichment, we see our lives and surroundings in a New way and let life take us on an adventure!


The wild WOMan who is courages enough to feel, brave enough to be embodied and who dares to Love.

The wildness of the Sacred Feminine can’t be tamed and nor should it be.

There are so many ways and words to express the power of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess speaks through us in a myriad of forms, this expresses the diversity of which this singularity is in form.

We each hold a unique facet of this core Creation principle, we each carry a destined code and an individuality to embody our Sacred Femininity. Many of us have come to follow through on the Sacred mission to restore the balance of the Feminine and Masculine principles, it takes two to tango but it is Her who invites, it is Her Womb that houses, it is Her who creates space for the life to be born. To revel in this emptiness, the death and the silence of Creation unlocks the hidden potential we all behold within us.



Attuning to the Celestial alignments and Stellar influences at this time to embody deeper Star wisdom and the Galactic inheritance we have come hear to seed !

I hold the sacred mysteries within me, in my Holy blood the Cosmic keys reside, it’s all stored within us, as Humans we complete the Creatrix of New Earth.

We are transmitting a sacred tone heard by all Life. If we listen closely we can hear the song of the Goddess. The great Mother is encoded within all things and the tapestry of Life itself, her masterpiece fills the spaces in-between and beyond the realms seen, as her artistry prevails! If we open up our eyes to see, the core truth that Creation has in store; the Divine Womb that births all life forth!


As Women, our menstrual blood is Holy and holds the codes of life itself, when we honour this we give grace to the elixir that adorns and flows through us. I open up my Holy Chalice, my Beloved Grail to receive and give the infinite source of Life which I Am in this moment. A deep part of us longs for Divine partnership but as the Feminine principle prepares for initial fertility, we have to prepare our Holy temple so our garden can blossom and prosper in the most beautiful way! We can’t rush our cycles and like the Celestial rhythm of the Cosmos, we each have our own time spiral. The sacredness of our Sexuality is being restored on the planet to harmonise our Divine DNA, we will feel into life differently and our interactions will become more intimate. This way of being feels familiar to our Pleiadian nature yet so New to embody in this vessel!

I bless you in these stupendous days of regal beauty and magic flow! We are truly moving beyond the world known…


Cornucopia of Light :: the Divine Re-Union of Love.

Many sacred Sister/Brotherhoods are re-uniting at this time to join the dance of co-creation within New Earth. Within this Union, we also have to meet the process of separation and the ‘forsaken’ of the Beloved, which stems from the prime ‘separation’ from our Twin Soul. When a time of Sacred Marriage meets a Divine Divorce, life we’ll ask us to make a choice based on what we feel and not what we expect our journey to look and be like to a fixed ideal.


The Shekinah Rose ~ the Fire of Love, wishes to be cultivated and as she grows in strength and magnetism, she wishes to be cared for and nurtured like a pristine flower of Grace! To cultivate this Divine Beauty and the Love of the sacred Feminine that wishes to meet the Divine Masculine counterpart is Universal but also wants to be grounded in physical embodiment. This ‘longing’ wants to be heard but also understood as a Divine process that takes time and maturity within our Human experience. My river runs deep and the depths of Human Love embodied is surging, the balance of co-creation is equalising and the grander picture being painted of what is really occurring on greater Galactic levels  – being mirrored on Earth.

Those of you who are assigned to this, already know what it means to be a ‘Regal Lover,’ one who is Royal in his/her reigning of Love – those will truly inherit the bounty of New Earth.


Holy Love – Holy Grail.
We have undergone great shifts and many Galactic core signatures have been activated as our Star family now becomes our Earth family, the Cosmic exchange is more intimate through our Earthly relationships. There is also lots of assistance at this time, the Higher Divine assistance through non interference that the pure benevolent Star beings serve through.


To embody our Earth Mastery we also have to embody the separation of us originally leaving ‘home,’ as we migrate more into the New domain we will feel a return to our home frequency but also a loss of leaving what we knew behind. This loss or grief we may feel is Divinely encoded and roots back to the original separation of leaving Source. This feeling of leaving home actually propelled us forward into the New and the desire to fulfil this belonging of our Divine natural state.

We’re asked to expand our horizons through the ‘heroine’s journey’ either physically or energetically by moving beyond our comfort zone and planting a seed in a New domain. This phase is governed by the Cosmic law of transmutation as everything is always changing and being alchemised into a New form. There will be strands inherited of our Soul lineage and Star/Earth heritage that write a story through humanities journey, this golden hue of the Divine HUman is being localised in our neighbouring community and the collective now becomes the living experiment of the transmuted Human.


Our local community will reflect the change occurring of greater Galactic levels and the relationship dynamics playing out. This may feel as if we are in a ‘play within a play’ and we’re becoming more aware of the Cosmic collective we’re actually living from within. As we cultivate the New domain which springs from our core Creation seed, we inherit the abundance of New Earth and the royal prosperity descended from our Earth/Star Bloodline which is the essence of our Holy Grail.

We are part of a grander Divine Sister/Brotherhood through our Tree of Life which is always assisting in unseen ways and the more we embrace the co-creation of this collective, the less far from home we will feel. The voyage to our eternal land of the Beloved is beckoning…


The power of the sacred Feminine is rising and the Shekinah diamond is being claimed as we step forth as the guiding WOMen who lead by the natural flow of there Divinity and lead by the mystery of Spirit. As the Queen’s step forth and bestow there sovereignty, the Kings will follow, not by self-sacrificial serving and loosing ‘ones-self’ in the process, but through heralding there own sovereign power that balances the Beloved equalisation of the Twin polarity becoming Whole.

On higher levels we may feel androgynous, but we chose to come hear as a specific gender for a purpose and there is so much Beauty in embodying this physically. The power of celebrating the Female race is my honour, but not to overpower the Divine masculine. Only illuminate the depths of what unifies us through our diverse uniqueness.

I love being a Female, I can’t help it – it’s the most precious gift to me and feels so natural to embody the Divine feminine form. We aren’t damsels in distress waiting for our prince to come, but stepping forth as the New monarchs who rule with our heart and unite through our passion to live – as the Queens go forth – the Kings will do so

I Am anointed in the light of the Beloved and my embodied Feminine empowerment.


It’s summer and the Roses are blooming, the creation template of the Rose is being anchored and embodied through the form of the sacred Feminine. The Beauty of the Divine Mother is being expressed and the sensuality of the Magdalen is rising forth to meet the Love of the Beloved through Unity.

Many of us are being guided to come together and co-create within the sacred Sister/Brotherhoods of Earth. Our Feminine intuition and the mystery of Rosa wishes to guide us and allow the beingness of the Holy Sophia to flow through us!


                                              “The Holy Blood of the Beloved runs through me.”



I Am a being of Nature and nothing can take that away from me ! The natural state of my Soul-lit Self. When we allow our most true and authentic essence to run through our veins as fluid as water ~ this is when I Am most at peace.

When my eternal Love is untainted and true. The depths of this allow’s our heart to unite with all that felt lost or broken, vulnerability isn’t weak but true strength comes from facing our deepest shadow that is often disguised as our innocence and what we feel most vulnerable about.

To be naked with ourself and allow our inner longing to shine forth ~ our true desires are illuminated and when we pay attention to this longing in our heart ~ it is our Soul’s calling to reign in a New era where our Soul is fulfilled. The pain and sadness can sometimes reveal the hidden secrets we were to afraid to meet in ourselves, the sweet gems to brilliant to show in there blinding brightness. When we see the truth in ourselves, we’ll see the truth behind every occurrence and even the losses or upset will bring sterling truth to what needed to be met.

The Crystal clear vision isn’t linear but moves like spiralling fractals that all serve the greater Whole. When we show the Love to the longing thirst that wishes to be heard, our innocence can step forth and claim what is rightfully owned as our unique expression. The purity that comes through Self introspection is truly astounding and I’m always willing to go deeper into myself, not just for me but to illuminate the whole Human experience on Earth!

The Elven truths lie true to me for eternity and let this journey forever be!



“I Am a dreamer, living the dream itself which spins from my web of Soul infused magic I conjured eons ago from the spark of my Divine child which wishes to play a sacred song my Beloved sang long ago… ”

As Volunteer/Service Souls, we often didn’t dream of having certain things that were symbols of “success” but dreamed up experiences of our imagination, which is really our Creation centre that holds a treasure trove of creative possibilities. These may have been in the form of more experiences and feelings that ventured more through the ethereal realms.

These Soul infused dreams are being distilled more in our embodied Human life, as the passages begin to synthesize into one cohesive whole. Our ‘dreams’ no longer float in the astral worlds away, we are becoming the waking dream itself.


As the visions were just symbols of the living dream that represented the feeling of which we were inhabiting, the feeling of the New is actually an energetic signature – a template we are embodying and crystalizing into form. We do hold the power to create anything but it’s the integrity of that choice that makes it happen, when we choice the highest that serves the good of all, the symbols of the expression won’t matter as much as the feeling that will pour through our body, we won’t judge the value of our life through what appears to be on the outside but the way in which we are traveling.

This one is for all the dreamers who dream awake and the passages of the New ! Our journey writes it’s own story.


Walking the ridge between the Light and Shadow, the middle path that leads to zero. The event horizon and the point of no return. The point of convergence, the mid-haven between myself and I.
The neutrality that keeps all in balance and the axis that keeps all in motion.

The path of Mastery isn’t always peaches and cream, It’s not always easy to integrate polarity. Only the truly brave and courages will go into the density, the darkness that wants to be merged into Unity. It’s just part of the journey and there is no denying it, I can’t ignore life any longer and pretend I only walk in the Light. I had to surrender to the Night and dance in the darkness that lead me to the deeper mystery, the verge of the unknown that resounded the echo to my Self. The polarised me that wanted to marry into itself, the mirrored reflection that wanted to unify into wholeness.


The path of the Beloved is no easy task and it takes strength to meet all parts of the Self. If we shun or deny any aspects, the longing will only grow longer until we open up and embrace through transparency. Bringing all we were trying to escape from even closer, until it dissolves into intimacy and finds it way ‘home’ where it always belonged.


“If I had to take one road, I would take the high route, if I had to go anywhere I would take the path of Unity.”


“Sacred Rose! O’ Holy Shekinah – your fragrance fills the Air! Your devotion to the Divine Mother radiates such promise and grace. Your beauty prevails and your thorns protect. The morning rain clings to your petals and leaves drops of heaven to nourish my skin. Your scent permeates my body and leaves the golden hue of the sacred Rose, the heart of the garden that lies peacefully until the time comes to overflow with your Divine power, the Beloved speaks through in silent verb and only asks to be smelt and enjoyed. The illumined Rose and that knows no hast, who lives for the light of the Sun and never goes to waste. ”



I Am the bearer of truth, carrier of the flame – Sister of the Rose ray!

Whatever was felt at the Solstice was perfect for us in this moment on our journey. We no longer have to play make believe or dress up our experience to fit the absolute of what we think is spiritual. The deepest truth is asking us to come as we are, Love dousn’t ask anything more of us, true Love dousn’t ask for our highest ideals or perfectionist preconceptions.

I AM that I AM and the liberation of truth will catapult us out of our comfort zone as we are squeezed from the depths of what lies beneath. The purity of White will refine whatever is needed to be refined and the Red will root what needs to be embodied. Even if we don’t see the effects straight away, so much is coming through at this time.


There is this sense of needing to be real with ourselves instead of escaping into the delusion of what may or not be in our ideal world. This world may not feel like home to many and the home sickness of wanting to return may grow stronger the more Divine remembrance comes pouring through! Although this longing to return to the Love we were born from urges us to embody our deepest Soul truth and integrate the inner knowing of who we really are. This is our collective gift to the planet and all, although it’s not always easy – we are never alone.

We may feel like extra support is needed at this time, perhaps the physicality of the new is forming into the supportive structures that are the pillars of New Earth. The beautiful and the ugly all herald there own wisdom and as we hail from our own True Self we will inherit the jewels of the New, like shining golden-white Diamonds – dressed in a halo of Red Roses.

Walking the path of Truth, the Lady of White traces footsteps of the New through uncharted pathways that leads back to the One. The Oneness that liberates and the rites of passage that initiates. The middle path that unifies with the greater symphony, which is the orchestra of the Divine.



The Love we feel for our fellow Sisters and Brothers!

The path of the Beloved is not just about romantic relationships but becoming the eternal Lover of Life! Part of this is the Human Love we feel for one another and the Creation that is born of this – many of us are coming together in a more liberated way which isn’t about karmic ties and harsh lessons. The New in relationships feels more about the co-creation through Love that creates on many unseen levels. Usually we only feel as if we are creating when we have something physically to show but we also create through fusing with another. This bond creates worlds and the Alchemy has the power to move mountains. This force of Co-creation Love is being born through those Sacred Sister/Brotherhoods.


As we stepped through the dazzling Solstice gateway a lot of Soul excavation occurred and much was uncovered from hidden depths. The White light is descending and it may feel we need extra sustenance, support and nourishment as our physical vessel adjusts! This feels like quite a magnetic time with lots of people being drawn to the New pathways being opened. Like the fragmented particles being pulled together to synthesize into a unified Whole, many realities, fusions and essences are becoming a living equilibrium. This may feel as if we are serving on so many different levels at once, this is true but at the same time a great focus and refinement feels needed.


This vision of the White mountain is symbolic of our ascending journey being rooted in the planet. The symbol of the pearl represents the purity and wisdom distilled through our Soul refinement. The archetype of the White Lady is also coming through to assist at this time of New body refinement and purification. She opens the doorway but it is is US who must enter our own sacred rite of passage, the portal is open – the passageway of the New. We’re asked to go whole heartedly and leave all fears to be dissolved and integrated into the trust we cultivate through boldly stepping forth into the unknown. So many things may feel out-worn or out-dated, which is a good thing – any aversions are only granting us permission to let go of the old and embrace the New template! Imagine a sparkling white gateway in front of you, opening like a crystal koleidascope eye guiding you into the ‘New you!’


Life is full of spontaneity, unexpected dreams and infinite possibilities. When we have the courage to trust and believe!

Be wary of the false delusion, the inserted programmes that act as distractions away from the greater meaning in truth. Instead of getting caught in the devision and the polarity game of us v’s them. Let’s see the greater truth that will set us free!

The notion of integrating separation in polarity before we reunite into unity, allows the deeper merging process to Alchemize. We always have a choice where we put our energy and focus on the higher service of what is occurring. We have to stand strong in our truth right now and not be swayed by the external dramas that feed the old stories. Returning back to purity is returning to what is true for us, everything in Creation is always changing therefore we have to adapt always and be dynamic and flow with the turning currents. If we feel our centre is pulled or off balanced somehow, we can always return to our pillar/sword of truth – our I AM, our centre of inner knowing.


Everything we need is within us and every duality is playing out to remind us why we are truly hear. We hold the power for change and only we can inherit what is our Divine claim, know one will save you or serve your ideal world on a silver platter.

We are hear as the initiates of Mastery – doing it for ourselves!

The enemy is the guide. Why would oppositions exist if not too assist? Yes it’s a crazy world ~ but we made it so! There is wisdom in the reason to exist, perhaps to resist is to reclaim what we missed.


The Twin pillars of truth!

Integrating polarity. How would we fight devision with duality, how is separation our opposition?

Until we make peace with the opposing reflection in every Creation and unify all mirrored aspects of our Self – this world will not know peace. This Star Wars ends on Earth when we marry our own Twin pillar, the middle ground – where the neutrality of Love prevails. We don’t have to take on the earthly burdens of this world, just be observers and process the deeper truth of what this is showing us.

To be in Union with the Self or in Union with the Other?

This is the question and we are the bridge that answers! I know it’s not easy but we are so precious to this Beloved Earth.



I Am

the Divine expression of what is! … as we all are!

I Integrate the Light and the Dark in the Dance that is Creation,
within the sacred kiss that is Human embodiment and the invisible embrace that is me experiencing itself…

A Rose is a Rose and a thorn will protect her.





Love in the mists!

The purity of True Love. In truth everything dous actually flower from Love, but are we courages enough to go into it and let it in? This language speaks on the subtle realms and isn’t always obvious to us but communicates in silent verb. Our emotions are encoded and it’s not always easy to be a being of feeling because we simply FEEL so much. At times this gift may of felt like a curse rather then a blessing but we are uncovering so much for humanity by doing this – for so long we have denied the right to feel. Love isn’t just all peaches and cream, it’s the unseen, the darkness, the chaos that longs to be restored. Some of us volunteered to carry out this mission as a luminary of Love, which isn’t just about the beautiful fluffy stuff, but illuminating the deeper aspects of Human Love that have been rendered the shadow. This is a complex yet simple process of illumination and returning to the neutral purity if what is where the Wholeness resides. 


A delicate flower, so fragile yet so strong! The power of opening our heart to the subtle realms of life, not everything is in bold plain site, true Beauty still waits patiently for our attention.


Long shall I Reign my own life ~ and rule through the power of the heart!

To be sovereign is to take full responsibility for my emotions and the experience of my own realm. Know one else can make me feel the way I do, only me. I Am the Divine key to unlocking the hidden codes that decipher me. I Am my own Divine Majesty and the sacred mystery.

A declaration to be eternally devoted to the Love that is me.

Which Star do you Hail from ? – My own!


Take back your power because it is yours to will so!



The deeper meaning, purpose and service of life is revealed to us in a multitude of ways, stay emerging and willing to grow beyond what we know.

13533153_10209144245620317_6788390779395758172_nThe Twin mirror..

So many of us experience this Human life as being a Twin although we may not be with them presently incarnate, although the experience is just as real. This is no parallel reality, but a real embodied experience we feel as our Divine Masculine and Feminine Self fusing together as One. On the contrary, this experience for me is not about another person, relationship or even myself, I always experienced it as something so all-encompassing it was even hard to comprehend. I remember dreaming as a little girl and feeling this longing in my heart for the Masculine counterpart to me. This longing only lead to experiencing this true Love in a physical relationship which then acted as a catalyst to my ‘awakening’ which really was me returning to this True Love within side myself, which has been a journey of becoming whole, integrating and expanding into my true Soul embodiment. Of course the journey is not close to culminating but at the same time it feels I am beginning and ending all at the same time. It’s sometimes good to reflect on our journey and see how far we have come. For me there was always an emphasis on relationships and how I related to another, without searching for the wholeness outside myself but merging with another from within.


This year so far has had an emphasis on Re-Unions. Re-unions of all kinds – some very Galactic, Human and heart felt! The illumined Re-Union allows us to experience the purpose of separation from Unity, for how can we reunite without separating first to then return to Unity once more. When we sprang from the same seed, why did we grow apart to then just come together again? For the experience of coming Home and returning to the Love of Source.

We are playing out the great Cosmic Dance of the Beloved in our waking life, and what a Dance it is! So deep it takes us into our embodiment but also stretches us to expand into the ‘outer’ world. The desire for me to explore is growing and move beyond my boundaries of what I thought possible. As we emerge, we break free from the limitation from what we defined ourself as and actually augment our purpose to encompass more of our Cosmic destiny💞  

In the name of Divine Love.


Our heavenly Rose mandala.

Sometimes there is beauty in ‘chaos’ and letting the chips fall at there own will! How deeply can we surrender to the unexplainable unknown that is actually forming a greater picture of paradise we can’t yet see!

Divine Touch and Soul intimacy…

Feeling the deeper Love that Is! The expression that is our Human form…

I Am remembering Why I Am hear in this body at this time more and more and the awareness grows deeper but more simple! For so long we have been out of touch with our bodies and sacred sexuality, but the sacred Feminine life force is rising and we feel it strongly! It wants to be expressed through passion, play and creativity and why would I stop that? To feel free in our Divine expression as embodied Women is what being a Goddess means to me! It’s not what you say but what you do and embody!


Love creates…

Love radiates and illuminates the truth of what is! Why would we hold back on our expression to Love? It’s what keeps us expanding and moving deeper into our True Self, when the opposite polarities come together and synthesize – a New energy is created. This is sacred Alchemy and the mechanics of all life. It’s the purpose we have gender and negative and positively charged atoms. It’s the reason we long to meet the reflection of our Self. This Love is mirrored everywhere and often so built into the fine blueprint of Creation it can go unnoticed. Our awareness of Co-Creation Love is deepening, which enriches our life with this essence of wholeness. It’s something so hard to describe yet feels so simple!

I’m in devotion to this path and live from my own eternal land of the Beloved through the realm of the Heart!


Daughter of the Wind… Lady of the Stars! O’ hail to the glory which is the Elven path!

The wisdom of the Elves is returning through the fundamental principles of Creation, when we attune to all Life ~ we gain deeper wisdom of ourselves in the process!

Some things are hear for us to just share intimately with ourself and Source. When I received this White Elven dress  I really felt like I was entering a deeper initiation of my Soul embodiment. To wear more my inner on the outer and to be bolder in sharing my True Self with the outer world! As well as taking more time off line to integrate the New waves of energy, I’v also been guided to spread my wings more horizontally. On this path, there needs to be a balance of our outer and inner dynamic between solitude and sharing. To enjoy every precious moment in life for ourselves is no selfish thing yet a moment shared is so precious.

We can only really serve through our highest refinement after embodying our Soul expression first and allowing our inherent wisdom to fill up within us so we can then radiate it out and act as a catalyst for others!

I embrace the fabric of this Creation and adorn the Beauty ~ of my Creatress Song!

In Loving Devotion.


The liberation…  The freedom of being ~ knowone can take our power away, only we do!

We have the right to reclaim what is rightfully ours and the current climate of older systems collapsing seem to have an underlining theme of reminding us who we are giving away our power too? Our power is our sacred life force and it’s our responsibility to do with it what thy will. Have we been giving away to much of ourself in the ploy of trying to ‘save’ others or the world. Perhaps it’s not our job to save them, we can only rescue ourself from our own ship, everyone else is on there own sailing journey across there own Soul ocean.
This is the basis of Self Mastery, we can only guide, be a lighthouse – a beacon of truth which illuminates the New horizon!

Like a Swan of grace, gliding upon the uncharted waters, our Mastery is often reflected in not what we are experiencing but the way in which we are navigating the experience. We are met in this path by many initiations and we always have a choice in how we react and response to the circumstances. We can take the rough tumble upon the uneven waters or glide as gracefully as a Swan.

The choice is ours and the power is at hand, to surrender and trust the openness of our hearts and release our wings of freedom to fly themselves. We can cover vast distances with one leap of faith.

Trust in thyself, have faith in our inherent knowing, we only can follow our path – for we are the way, the one we’ve been waiting for.


The path of the Beloved embodied, the Sacred Marriage, the truth of Unity. Only we ourselves know what this means to us. We will all have our unique way of embodying it, the Love that overflows through our Holy Cup! There is so much emphasis on the Beloved path as a certain relationship, person or goal. I feel like I have come to a space within myself where the Beloved embodied is a sacred space I create from. This is my own realm of Love which is my Creation vortex. My own Tantra by which I master through my own Human embodiment.

This journey is about our Human experience, so inevitably – our relationships hold an illumined purpose. It’s important we don’t run away from our relationships, as to see ourself in another is to meet ourself face on. It’s intense undoubtedly – to share this Love with another whilst holding our own sovereign state.

For me, this is what I came hear to Master, but it starts with that core relationship with myself and becoming the Beloved incarnate, the embodiment of my own Creation Love and the Womb by which I birth my New life from!

I bless You all on your journey however similar or different it may be to mine, we all support each other in the Light of Unity!

Cosmic Love,

Bethan Elviea Lumina

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