Beloved resurrection of Sacred life force


Dear all radicals of Love!

Welcome to a message about sharing my Beloved journey and the current energies I’m embodying into the season of Spring and month of April. The culmination of March and throughout the Easter period bought a whole lot of Cosmic re-birth into our lives! As we entered the beginning of the month and the New Moon in tropical Aries and sidereal Pisces – it invited this greater balance between our Beloved twin forces which harmonise with one another in this water/fire alchemy. The active essence of Aries may have bought a resurrection of this Creation force that just wishes to be active and create, where as the Pisces energy balanced this fire with the water of our reception and sensitivity. Of course we all feel this resurrection of the Beloved in our own unique way, but as our Divine twin forces begin to intwine in this sacred dance, we feel an elevation of some sorts and an ascension within how we create physically. This resurrection may be occurring through certain relationships and how we as Humans relate to and co-create with one another.


Many of us feel such a deepness and authenticity being born in our Beloved embodied experience. This Divine relationship within our self is intimate, true and unique to us, it’s so sacred and something to be cultivated and cherished from within.  As we honour ourself and open up space, we allow the natural flow of our sacred sexual life force to be expressed, this is the essence thats creates everything we touch, be and do. We begin to resurrect as our New illumined Self through birthing our own Egg of Life.


As we experience the ‘aftermath’ of the Equinox/Eclipse gateway last March, these are powerful times of deep integration and self-initiation. We began a New astrological year and the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere, this celebration traditionally is named after the Goddess Oastara, the Earth Goddess is awakening her sacred feminine life force, we feel an acceleration of fertility as all life is renewed. The symbol of the Egg stems from the New Life being birthed during this Spring season ! It’s time to Birth the New through our sacred fire, rekindle the White flame of our Creation life force and rejoice in the life of Nature!


Lots of Faery energy is awakening at this time of year too, the messages I’m receiving from the elemental kingdom is all about becoming our own wise sage! When we ignite our own God/Goddess spark we become the living embodiment of our own Source wisdom. The time is over where we search for answers outside of ourself and give away our power by seeking wisdom through others. We are becoming our own Oracle and our unique Life is own personal guidance system. We are embodying our own Spiritual teachings, which uses our own internal compass to navigate through the ocean of our Human experience. We have to trust our inner guidance system that is always in tune with our I AM compass.


As we become initiated into the next level of Mastery, our purpose is shifting and becoming more Soul infused, we’re living our Soul wisdom as our crystalline DNA is being integrated. We store all the wisdom we need in our Light encoded cellular memory. We’re entering a rite of passage which gives us access to this infinite Cosmic wisdom we hold within us. To become our own wise sage, we may need some personal hermit time to align with our own energy and enter the depths of our being. The passing of the Equinox into this next phase of the year until the Summer Solstice, is all about balance, harmony and equilibrium in Mastering our own life force. This cultivation takes a personal retreat at times to just be with ourself and allows us to move deeper into our embodiment. As we enter this next phase in our unique Beloved journey, we may feel like we’re graduating through our Soul and receiving a diploma in our ‘Mastery training,’ our life purpose is ascending into expanded territories where we adopt a more group/collective oriented principle.


A cornucopia of creative potential is being unleashed and an expanded vision of the New is unfolding. As we step further into the Light of Unity, our path becomes more distilled into our individuality, initially this may  feel like were out on our own, but were reminded like the single Solar logos of the Sun – we are also Solus in our individual form of Source expression. By embracing our uniqueness and utilising our own Sol wisdom, so many possibilities are opening up as we step forth into our declared sphere of the New. A fiery passion is being born and a greater synthesis is occurring as our Solar consciousness crystallises. The descent of our Christed Self in body and the illumination of power shines from within. This doesn’t mean we now never experience limitations and boundaries but we’re seeing how these are in place for our own growth in Mastery. By trusting our own inner strength, we become empowered through our own creative life force, there is this radiant vibrant energy filling the air that allows miracles to be birthed. Within this Twin polarity balance, we also have to embrace the ‘Dark Lady/Lord,’ within us all, this may be regarded as our shadow aspects but really it’s just all the unresolved yet to be integrated into Love.


The resurrection of the Beloved and Divine synthesis, marries all aspects into wholeness. In embracing all negated and repressed aspects of our Divine embodiment is to really step fully into our Mastery, this may feel like were coming into our High priest/priestess-hood who is being initiated into our own Mystery. This gateway allows us to delve deeper into the unknown of our New life, facing our deepest fears and illuminating our path of Truth. The Dark Lady/Black Goddess archetype comes forth at this time of Divine Re-Union and many others may be entering our lives right now that challenge our Divine authority. Every sacred initiation we actually walk through we actually assist in ‘lightening the load’ for all Souls on this sacred journey. The Dark Lady speaks of this individual path we walk of our own inner magic and mystery of the New. I see this process as entering the deep dark void of our Womb of life, which houses all potential of creation. We may feel as if were reaching a closure in relationship cycles, and experiencing a death of many older template ways of relating.

Rich and fertile grounds are being revealed from the hidden realms, we are preparing for a re-birthing through our Egg of Life and being united through our balanced Beloved-Twin essence!


My Yin/Yang light grid, it holds the equilibrium of the Divine dark and light aspects, marrying the balanced twin polarity of Creation!

The Now Ascension… 

Where else would I rather be? I’m whole heartedly devoted to this land and earthly experience. When we allow ourself to fall deeper in Love with our life, we won’t seek external gratification for that ‘content’ feeling. Only we can give ourself this gift and it’s available in every now moment. So many of us are guided to live in a specific location and although I have loved to travel, my heart will always lead me back to hear. Some may think it’s boring to live in one place your whole life but to me it’s truly what living in the New is about, to see the same tree blossom again every year and change consistently is pure bliss to me. For so long we have been distracting ourself from the natural beauty all around us, and would rather be anywhere else other than where we are now. In the past we liked to give ourself endless distractions which created more separation from the eternal presence of pure being.


The returning Love of the Beloved

You don’t have to go to New places to have New experiences. We’re actually becoming living gates to New Earth, with every footstep we take – creates New pathways. When we allow ourself to fall in Love with life, we open the unlimited potential for everyone else. There is no reason that any being on this planet shouldn’t get the opportunity to fall in love with life. Often times its so simple and we kid ourselves thinking that we want something so far away, when our Soul only calls for integration. It’s a truly brave and courages thing to allow ourself to be content and fulfilled with every breath of life. I’m so honoured I Am hear at this time and living on this beautiful enliven planet Earth.


Allowing the winds of change take you on a journey to a realm beyond what you thought possible.



How we live our lives in our Human embodiment is dramatically shifting! A greater balance is being sought for as we become more refined in our Soul embodiment, a purification may need to take place as we integrate all the New incoming – a lot is shifting in the temperance of our relationships. Our focus of Service is adapting and we may be looking back over our life and New dreams may be surfacing, it’s important we don’t over analyze too much as we are shifting gradually in Divine orchestration.


We all hold the Cosmic seeds of wisdom within us, many of us feel this greater communion with all Life in Creation as we embody more of our core origin, we are always planting seeds and like any good gardener we have to nurture our garden. We are the ones who have to make space for these fertile grounds and the rite conditions for our seeds to grow in. What duos your magical garden of eden smell like? We each have our own essence, our unique scent, as we step more into this role as the Creator/Creatress of our magical Creation-dom! We realise how magnificent our creative potential is…


Source births the Holy Trinity.


As we walked through our sacred rite of passage within the Cosmic resurrection of Spring! Jupiter which is currently retrograde, squared up to Saturn around Easter time which is now also going retrograde, for me this bought a deepening in my expansion of what is occurring long term on grander cycles of my Creation existence. As well as our life purpose/mission we also have Cosmic services being orchestrated through multi-layered levels, we have to recognise and honour this space for our integration. A lot is changing in our life path and now Saturn going retrograde gives space for a reflection on what we are devoting ourself to in the long term, what are we willing to grow gradually through steady commitment and dedication.


We always want things so fast but aren’t willing to surrender to the natural journey of being lead my the mystery of life! There is a deepening of our relationships, the Descension of our Human embodied Love. A greater Divine re-Union is occurring in all our interrelations and a communion with all life where we become our on Creator/Creatress incarnate!

I keep being shown two Lovers meeting on a bridge. Are we willing to reach out beyond our horizons and meet our opposing Twin force half way? So many of us want to manifest certain conditions to our approval but are we willing to live a life of total devotional Love in Service no matter what arises externally.


For the pure sake of being Magical ! Celebrate You ! 🌟🔥💫👽👼


Journeying through the mists of Avalon…

Returning to our pure innocence and revealing our authenticity by lifting the veils – meeting our own Soul Truth. Our sword of Truth is ours to herald, our sacred rite of passage to be walked. To enter deeper into the unknown within the realms of mystery, our everlasting Truth is eternal but this doesn’t mean we know all there is to know about ourself. It would be like reading the end of the story before you even began. I take joy in the surprises of Life, the unexpected choices that arise for us to follow. To walk our Mastery is not about understanding, but to be willing to explore the realms of not knowing, surely this is a far more courages act to do!



May we all birth our Egg of life through the seed of our infinite creative potential, to cultivate the rich fertile grounds for our realm of Creation! As we re-birth and resurrect as our New Self were asked to plant the seed of our Divine focus and devotion. The Spiritual journey is breaking down its old distortions and becoming Universal in its core Truth. We’re moving beyond many of the inherited karmic Human patterns passed down in our DNA, as we activate our Soul inheritance – we implement the New templates where our spirituality becomes our humanity. We’re asked to commit fully to our New lives and plant that seed of truth which fertilises our Cosmic Egg of Life which births our Divine Child essence.

72350_10208399619725135_342062905561433387_n 12928218_10208411758748603_1301168710829847636_n

Within the advent of the astrological New Year we also celebrate ~ Yestarë, the Elven New Year! The beginning of a New earthly celestial cycle which dawns the awakening of all Life! It’s certainly been a magical time of New beginnings of Love, this time is inviting us to celebrate the pure joy of being embodied and the blessing to be alive! We are the Union of the Divine, the Sacred kinship of the Lovers forever entwined.

Our Creation fire is coming alive and we are learning to master our own tantra within relationships. As the fertility of the Earth awakens, our sacred sexual life force is resurrecting to be unified within the balanced polarity of the Divine Twin marriage. There is this stimulation of the sacred feminine power and the breath of life, the Goddess wisdom that may go by names of the Holy Sophia and the Cosmic Shekinah. This force of Love wishes to penetrate all life in existence, when we open up to this we claim our own Creation life force thats wishes to be expressed in form. The seed of life, (Divine masculine) wishes to fertilise the egg of life, (Divine feminine) conceiving the gift of form itself. This powerful alchemical fusion is occurring within us and triggering a core Creation way of creating in the New. Our Creation formula is shifting, this may feel very New to our Human life but very primal to our Soul. Within this resurrection Union, we are returning to the Love of the Beloved, which is of our core Twin origin. This may feel like a true homecoming and return of Love embodied.


The Beloved unfolding reveals the simple beauty of each moment.

The Creator is meeting the Creatress through the relationship of Love and c0-creating within this Holy communion of Life itself. Many of us see this 11:11 encoding when events in life are synthesising together. For me on my journey this always symbolised a  re-union of the Beloved, when the couplet is multiplied. The double Twin encoded, creates a gateway in Creation, I was shown how these four pillars create the Diamond gateway of the New Creatrix.  This also feels like the foundation of which our New creation’s are being built upon. For so many of us, this is about how we co-create in relationships and relate to our group consciousness. When the seed meets the egg, the resurrected cross merges with the octahedron; the Union of above and below. Our Ascension and Descension process in our Beloved Union of marrying all opposing forces into one synthesized whole.


As our vertical connection meets our horizontal life, we create the Christed cross of resurrection and become re-born into this HU-man embodiment. This crossing occurs in the middle of our Cosmic heart centre which creates magnetism. This magnetic force of Love distill’s all of our experiences and attunes us to the resonance of our core being. This may also feel like we are ‘at a cross roads’ and many alternate timelines or different choices may reveal themselves. This only then assists in us deciphering what our true/highest path really is and allows us to Master our creation life force by walking the ‘middle path’ of Unity.

We may have felt until now we were cultivating the perfect conditions to walk our path as Divine Creators/Creatresses. Now our life may be ushering us to take that leap of faith into a whole New territory previously unknown. It doesn’t really matter when we take this leap, just as long as we do when we are called to. As volunteer Soul’s we didn’t always choose the easy route because we are hear to feel the most rigid aspects of the Human experience, to then uplift and illuminate them into the light of Unity.


The opening of Spring in April,  unleashed the blossoming of New Life, the resurrection of Life force and the expansion of our New Self. As the bluebells begin to open and uncoil from there tightly snug forms into flowering bells of Violet! It reminds me how we ourselves unravel and open up from our incubated shells and open up into New expanded realms to spread our wings into a New sacred space. April always brings that breath of New life as nature begins to accelerate and quicken!


The golden hue of the morning dew! The growth of the sunlight makes our days longer which illuminates our Solar light from within!


To rise again on this Holy ground. As we stepped through the New cycle in April, it almost feels as if I’m finding my feet again in New soil, on fertile grounds full on depth and enriched experience being rooted in the every day of our Human life. It really is about living, so much information/teachings/modalities circulate within the Spiritual journey but have no real depth of meaning unless lived and experienced by the participator themselves. We didn’t come hear to consume, regurgitate and recycle the words of others. To be liberated from within, means we become our own wisdom by living through our Soul Truth. This can’t be taught or replicated and the magic/mystery of our unique journey is part of the beauty that is our Soul treasure trove to behold!

The more we embrace our originality through our Self-existing illumination, the more and more realms of our Creation-dom will be excavated, we wouldn’t hire an archaeologist to do the most sacred un-earthing of our Soul’s treasure trove. I wouldn’t ever give the most precious gift I can give to myself to another, because I Love them that much, I would give them space for them to unearth themselves. The journey into the unknown is unknown because it’s yet to be known. We want to know how everything is going to turn out before it’s even begun but then we miss the enjoyment of the journey,  this is why I never resonated with ‘long term goals,’ not because I don’t have desires but I felt my path would guide me into somewhere beyond my dreams.  The New can’t yet be known, that’s what makes it New! Yes this path takes deep surrender and trust, but isn’t this what we came for? The most unexpected never ending story of all time… Life on Earth beyond what we know it to be!

Embracing our New Life!


Being wind swept by pure crystalline Love – don’t forget to have fun when riding these Cosmic waves! It can be quite intense and overwhelming at times the more we embrace – our arms are widening and the fields of our Cosmic hearts are deepening. Instead of feeling the New as our possession, I like to let the Divine showers of Love wash over me and the winds of change guide me, using my heart as my internal compass. I journey through my eternal Ocean, a sea of infinite horizon, taking the central route down the middle ~ so refined the map has yet to be made. I create the directions as I go along, navigating the shores of my Creation realm, the tides of my Human cycles, I arrive always in the centre in time for the smell of fresh air in the New dawn!

The New pathway of devotion, when Love is your only notion, I Am the sailor of the infinite shore I Am.


Life is an array of depth, colour and beauty, when you unlock your creative potential and  decipher the codes of your crystalline keys, a true treasure trove is to behold! The illumination of sacred Union, the magenta fire of Divine Love, burns from the core, anchoring our true heart’s desire! The Holy Sophia fire burns forever, the carriers of the flame, the Holy Spirit in Divine Grace!


The star essence of Aries bought this greater discernment in how we use our energy, wisely. The day and age of student/teaching boundary is dissolving as we descend into our journey of Mastery embodied. We are hear to take our own throne, wield our unique sword of fire and behold our golden cup of life. As we illuminate from within, we become the living wisdom of our state of grace. The fusion of the Beloved synergy, generates more life force so with this comes greater responsibility in how we create and express this Creation tantra. We may experience more people being drawn to us and although a crucial part of our path of Mastery is through relationships we also have to discern what is right for the good of all, to serve ourself as Source is to serve Creation. We don’t have to spread ourself too thinly or ‘burn our candle at both ends’ to include everyone. 

We are still to honour the physicality of our Human body and take time for personal rest and integration. To Master how we relate to others and find the balance of work and play, we must be wise in how we use our life force. This fiery action energy may want to expand and ‘go out into the world’ all at once but we’re also reminded that we often perceive life as doing one thing after the other for a reason. There is great beauty in being patient and enjoying the moments of taking each step in the process. We can open up to the illumined life force of our golden chalice, that wishes to receive more physical abundance by mastering our energy wisely. To become what we teach is true Mastery as everyone is on a unique journey in there cycle of Creation. To illuminate this unique Sol fire within us is the greatest gift and knowone will quite sparkle the way that you do!


To own our immortal cup of the eternal throne…

As we experienced the first New Moon of the astrological year in tropical Aries and sidereal Pisces,  this bought a greater balance of our Soul fire and water of life. On the New Moon morning I felt any array of celestial blue all around me. This energy feels more like stepping up in how our creativity flows, by opening up to receiving and creating ‘more by doing less.’ We’re being filled up with so many New inspirations and motivation to expand but we’re also reminded to keep the balance of work and rest. There is this feeling of New conception and being energetically ‘pregnant’ as we incubate our inner Egg of Life.


This celestial blue attunes us to the subtle realms of feeling, being embodied and nurturing our physical vessels. This is how we cultivate our life force and many of us are learning to Master this New ball of fire we have resurrected. This New sacred life force ignited is guiding us to New possibilities. Lots of transmutation is occurring through this fire/water alchemy, a harmonisation of the Beloved twin forces re-uniting. This synthesis feels like a Divine absolution, a refinement of where we are now in physicality, this asks us to be totally fully present with the Now and not get lured by the ideal perfection of the future. Spirit guidance comes through experiences in Life, our Life will show us the way of where this New-ness wishes to flow. This directed current will feel like New enthusiasm to expand beyond the known whilst staying present and full of joy for the Now. An overflowing of fertility is filling us, this may feel like an overwhelming urge to create and express, like a surging fire needed to be tamed and mastered like a lion. This cultivated Sol fire wants to be utilised as we step forth onto our throne of power.


Integrating the Twin forces and marrying my Beloved Tantra.


Glowing amber golden Tree of Life! Resurrecting our sacred life force, the ascent into the descent creates ~ the totality of illumination.


Calling all Creators and Createsses ~ Cosmic initiates walking through the gates of Unity, the golden Holy Trinity! This resurrection feels like a illumination of our Divine royalty and alchemical majesty! The golden elixir of life wants to be drunk from our inner Chalice ~ the Holy grail of the Beloved, the sacred mystery of life.

The dissolution of the old and the distillation of the New.


The Magenta and the Violet flame!

What’s New?… the pure Compassion for living.

It’s not always the easiest embodiment to choose, the path of sacred Love, to live as Human Love incarnate, the pure benevolent volunteer Souls are certainly so brave, daring and courages. We chose to illuminate the deepest depths of Humanity, because we live by the deep compassion of our hearts, it’s what drives us – for others it’s the first of knowledge or enlightenment – but we are descendent of these pure realms of Truth that carry the core essence of Creation Love. It’s truly radical to embody this in the Human experience, all radicals of Love – feel proud of yourself, we really ‘do’ so much by being this purity embodied, it may sometimes go unnoticed by the social culture around us but we feel the response in us. All nature and sentiment life forms will interact with us with more Soul intimacy, often what we were yearning was not merely external manifestation, but true treasure gems of the Beloved lived. I’m falling deeper into Love with this Human experience and the way in which I interact with all life forms.

This is my highest devotional Service wherever I Am… In Love with Life.


To find our feet upon this New terrain takes trust, balance and devotion.

We are cultivating our own conditions to plant the seeds of the New to grow, this is all about Divine timing and as this organic process unveils, we may feel the dissolution of the Old and the distillation of the New.

It all really comes down to alignment and being anchored through our own Soul Pillar / Divine Axis! Whatever happened yesterday remember that today is a brand New beautiful day 🌞 


Divine pregnancy and creating through fertility!

We may feel at this time ‘energetically pregnant’ whilst incubating so many eggs of the new, this may feel like this overwhelming desire to overflow and burst open with so many New creations.

When we create from our core Divine template/Creation essence we literally feel like we are birthing a child into the world, we ourselves are becoming these Divine children of New Earth who wish to overflow with this expression of Creation Love. There is lots of creative energy to be utilised as we travel through this waxing phase of the moon and approach the Full Moon later this month. This may feel like a build up of creative life force that’s feels very powerful, were being asked to step up in how we Master our creative energy, we may be given a variety of choices and the mastery doesn’t always lie in the actual detail of what we chose but the energetic space by which we chose it from. Are we choosing for our highest good through our heart or still being lead by lower mental ideals that are just old patterns still repeating.


There is no right or wrong choice, every choice will be the right choice in that moment. The life force in our body will tell us what has the greatest energetic potential for all, part of our embodied Human Mastery is to not just trust the Divine through ‘higher’ guidance but trust our BODIES as Divine incarnate, the power of our feelings can get easily bypassed but there is so much bodily wisdom within us, this directs us to our inner Womb wisdom that houses the life that births all into being.



I bless you all with the blossoming life force of Spring as our Love flowers into being each and every breath of the New.


Bethan Elviea Lumina

To support me and my sharing,  I welcome donations by clicking hear. I am so humbled and grateful to connect with each and every one of you!



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