Living in the New of Divine Simplicity!


Dear Beloved family of Love!

This is the first post on my New Blog that is devoted to the all those on the path of returning ‘Home’ to our True Divine Self and the embodiment of our Celestial Soul in form. We are entering a new Chapter in the New of  embracing the Grace of Divine Simplicity, where we live the simple Joy of being Human. Where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary and its the little things in life that spark the light of our hearts!


When we become more and more nourished by our internal state of awareness and fill ourselves ‘up’ by the ever flowing Source Love within each and every one of us, we feel less obliged to attach our Joy and Love on external conditions. We simply surrender and immerse ourselves in the pure Magic of Life, we notice the finer details of Divine Beauty. We get lost in the tiny microcosmic details that reflect the larger macrocosmic principles of Creation. We are left in such awe and wonderment of how everything in Creation is intrinsically connected and just how beautiful everything is, exactly the way it is. We feel more and more content with the Divine structure of how everything is created, we feel less of the need to change our external surroundings to suit our demands. We understand that everything is already perfect and nothing needs fixing.


When we live in this pure acceptance, we appreciate the finer details that make Life an honour to live and the more subtle patterns that dance through Divinity. When this deep merge with Creation occurs, its almost as if we can ‘read the fine print’ of form, feeling the energetic imprints behind every detail and structure. It’s almost like, when I used to look at a flower I just used to see a flower, and now when I look at a flower, it means I’m looking at so much more then a flower.


Living an ascending reality and living a “5th dimensional” reality isn’t always what it may appear to be on the surface. The general tagline of the New I keep receiving is, ‘…things are never as the seem,’ and to ‘expect the unexpected.’ In the old paradigm we wanted to control our reality, foresee every move and know every outcome. Life is not a chess game, and in the New, we are guided by the ever surprising mystery of Life! The Eclipse gateway in September opened a doorway to the unknown of higher dimensional living. Where everything is not what it seems, because it is so different then before. The enjoyment of the journey and the ability to trust, have faith and surrender to the Divine Plan is essential part of our Ascension. If we knew everything that was going to happen, where would be the fun in that?


The New spiritual embodied journey is fun, full of mystery and celebration. The mystery schools now have a different meaning then they did in the occult. Nothing is hidden anymore or kept to the minority. Everything is more open, accessible and shared freely to whom is ever ready to receive. Initiations occur in our every day lives and our daily life becomes the deeper path of Mastery. Everything is out in the open, and as it all blew open – so did many beliefs, fears and anticipations of how ‘higher dimensions’ should look like. I’m getting to see on my own journey how simple things in the New can really be. There has been an out-dated myth unraveling that in order to become illumined and enlightened the journey had to be hard, long and complicated. We are obliterating all these overdue tendencies with the Light, power and faith of our own Divinity!


When we look at the simplicity of a single Rose, Creation makes sense to me. Without the need to know, understand or analyse the meaning of it. A Rose is simply beauty and it just IS. Lets say our beauty was that of a Rose. We would simply be Divine Beauty, and so it would Be…

It really is as simple as to just, BE!


The Eclipse opened up a whole New ‘Cosmic threshold’ and sealed a foundation of Divine Love set by all those carriers of the flame, bearers of the torch and servers of Love! I enjoyed this culmination amongst the beauty of Mount Shasta, which really fills you with that inner peace of Holy presence. Mount Shasta is a place where many worlds collide, a Cosmic connecter and meeting place where many Galactics, Angelics and Celestial Beings reside. There are ancient codes written in the sacred landscape. It’s like our Over-Soul buried Divine templates in the structure of the mountain for ourselves to excavate at a later date in Humanity at the perfect time. A place where diversity is Unity and where a great Unification of Divine Neutrality occurs. This is when the two polarities come together in Divine Union and merge to become One. One single, silent and  still point of – simplicity. A sacred space where right and wrong, negative and positive seize to exist. This doesn’t mean we won’t experience polarity in our lives, but the response in us and in our New lives will take a unified form of peace and harmony.


I received many things during the Blood Moon gateway, but that of most spectacular was that of living in Grace. The Divine Template of the Golden Rose, the flower of Illumination and Luminescence! This Divine encodement came to me as an image, a colour tone and a sound frequency. The energy of Shasta is much like the simplicity of a Rose, the Divine Beauty of Earth witch heralds the sparkle of Heaven. The colour of Gold, is like our key to Source, the essence of Gold brings us in alignment with our ‘I AM’ template and our unique connection to Holy Spirit. Many Ascension codes are Golden and our assisting us in our Divine remembrance and integration of the Divine Human template. The original prototype of the Human race and our prime True Self.


I also felt during the phase of the Blood Moon there was a re-connection with our Ascension team and Ascended Mastery. As this great Divine Re-union occurs with our Angelic Over-Soul, our Cosmic Tree of Life and Soul Groups. We are remembering the great Cosmic Masters we are, and are receiving the encodement’s in our crystalline cells to becomes the Ascended Masters in embodiment. This doesn’t have to look like anything in the history books, of glowing halos, sprouting wings and ascending to Heaven in a rainbow. Because it never has been done in History, to ascend within the physical body has never quite been done like this before, and it is truly an honour to be a frontier of physical Ascension. As more of our Soul fusion becomes crystallised, we remember how it FEELS to be the truest state of our Divinity and the very core seeding of our core Celestial seed origin.


As I watched the blood moon rising upon the horizon of Mont Shasta, the sun was setting, so there was this beautiful balancing occurring between the Yin and Yang polarities.  A great alignment occurred between the Sun, Moon and Earth, creating this amazing Divine Trinity. I kept receiving so much about the birthing of the third energy, that synthesises when the two become one. When we take the middle path of merged polarity,  we unify within Divine Neutrality. This is the Neutral state of Love, which knows no right or wrongs or negative and positive. This balancing brings us into the central core of Cosmic Love, the Love that is universal and knows no bounds.


As the Sky darkened during the Eclipse, it lit up the stars of the Galaxy, I had never seen that many stars before and to see Shasta coated in Starlight was a dream! As I lead there gazing up at the Milky way I couldn’t help but feel such a grand alignment with my own Galactic centre and core Celestial seed origin. For me, the Eclipse was about a Holy Marriage of Above and Below, our Higher Self (Over-Soul) with our physicalised Self. The journey of Ascension has become even more embodied and this month of October has been a month of physical integration of all the etheric expansion!


This Cosmic integration is also referring to our reference to our Divine DNA. Our physical cells are becoming more crystalline so this sacred alchemical marriage is happening deep inside of us. We now have the privilege to enjoy and see the tangible ripples that were seeded at the Eclipse. This is the Diamond Light frequency that is being imprinted and is radiating out in our crystalline bodies so everything feels like its becoming more refined, absolute and clarified!

I also had a vision of me walking on a tightrope, for me this was a message about walking the path of perfect balance, merging the opposing twin forces into the unified balance of the middle path. In this sacred path of the Holy Trinity, a grand refinement occurs on our journey and even know we become more expanded in awareness, our direction becomes more acute and direct.


We are being invited to truly open up the depths of our Hearts, take that leap of Faith into the unknown and be guided by Divine Trust. The Frontiers of the New are lead by Faith in the Divine Plan and not control. When our personal will becomes Divine Will and our plan becomes life’s plan, we are in harmony with the organic course of Ascension. We inherently know that a much larger purpose is divinely orchestrating everything and when we surrender to this very Truth, we can release the burden of needing ‘to know.’ The formula is really vey simple; when we follow that inner knowing powered by Trust and Faith, we are free and liberated by our own salvation.


We are being asked to delve deeper into the realms of what we are really devoted too and passionate about at a core Soul level. Our acts of Divine Service is expanding, everything is changing and we might wake up one day thinking we are going to do one thing and feel like doing another. In the New there is no need for labels, categories and associations with roles, by releasing ourselves from this, we can be truly – Free! As we no longer need to conform to the need of a defined purpose. Our Divine purpose is augmenting and becoming more expanded whilst simple. We used to want to label our purpose so we could have something to hold on to and feared the feeling of not knowing who we were. Well, what if we don’t need to know who we are? Embodying Divine Love and Source goes beyond words and understanding and is only found in the depths of feeling. To simply Be, breathe, Love and enjoy being Human is our Divine purpose.


By making Love our single priority, really allows the Divine simplicity of everything to fall into place. We don’t need to worry about the mechanics of how Ascension works in order to be Divine Beings of Love. One of my greatest devotions in the joy of Service is to Sing in nature, this is where my true desire lies. To Sing, is something so simple yet so powerful and profound! Our voice is the song of our Soul and so much embodiment can occur when we bring through these higher attuned Octaves of being into our physical body! The process of Singing is a Divine alchemical marriage of Soul unification!


We are each stepping through our own gateways to Heaven on our unique paths of Mastery, this is why know two paths are the same. Living through simplicity creates so much more magic and mystery in our Life to unfold before our very eyes! When we live simply we aren’t so caught up in the complications of life and we create space for  spontaneous miracles to occur! At the moment of this photo above, taken at ‘Garden of the Gods,’ Colorado, we were guided to go and sit on these rocks. I felt intuitively guided to do a Diamond Gateway celestial attunment through visualisation and singing. It felt quite powerful and then as I opened my eyes, a big stroke of lightening hit in front of us and the dark clouds opened up with the heavenly sun beams shining through! It started to lightly rain and it was one of the miraculous moments where you really feel like you just opened up a portal due to the sudden weather contrast!


We then had an amazing confirmation from Spirit as we got in the car to go home, we realised on the sat nav that then very street of where we were was called ‘Gateway.’ It’s moments like this when we feel really in-tune within the Divine dialogue of Creation and everything makes sense in the serendipity of life! I felt this was a spirit message that the very nature of Gateways and the service of Ascension Gatekeeper is changing. Everything is more integrated into wholeness and physicality. So the repercussions of our Service actions can be seen almost immediately and has a more physical effect on our surroundings. With this comes great responsibility for how we use our energy and our intention during activations and sacred ceremonies is essential. It’s something I have always enjoyed doing in these sacred spaces I’m called to, but on this day I really got a taste of the raw power of them which left me speechless. We are really coming into our Divine Power at this time and Mastery, I received its now as if  ‘we hold the whole world in our hands.’


This is why before we could re-claim this Divine Power, we had to be initiated fully into the responsibility and effect we can have on Creation. Every act is sacred and has a great influence and effect on all living beings and organisms in the Cosmos. Before we could claim our Divine Gifts we had to fully step into the Cosmic Heart gateway of Divine Love in the Solar Cosmic Christ – Light! We needed to be purified and come from a total heart centred space to be a true Cosmic Initiate of Creation. We have journeyed through many rites of passage to get to where we are now, and now I feel like it is time to see what we are really made of! … What do you say?!


I received during my visit that now truly is the time of the ‘Creation Angels.’ The time for those Devotee’s of Ascension, the bearers of illumination and carriers of the flame to come forth in the celebration of being a Divine Human and shine like a thousand stars. This month has truly allowed us to let go of anything still undermining our power and potential to take our Highest path, which is really our truest calling of our Divine Destiny. We are creating more through our Group consciousness which is infinite in its potential and the embodiment of our Ascended Master Self! We no longer have to see ourselves as less than, if we can imagine it, we can be it! As our imagination is really a Cosmic creation generator of infinite possibilities!


The energy of Gold, really symbolises this collective unity consciousness we are stepping into through Grace, the illumined Holy Spirit of Source! These infinite Golden realms of Heaven, are imbued with the essence of infinite abundance. When we Live through simplicity, we also are more aligned with our Souls natural state of abundance. In the old, we wanted to abundantly manifest more and more but abundance doesn’t necessarily mean ‘more than.’ True abundance lies within alignment with the highest good of all so all we need to do is align with this truest path, which will we feel the most in flow, natural and Golden to us! When we live simply, less is more and we can see what it is we truly need and want without outside influences! We open up more space for the our Soul gifts to come forth in simplicity. Our lifestyle as Humans often reflects our state of abundance, this doesn’t necessarily mean that someone with more, is more abundant. Abundance is a state of being, the single law of the Universe, the natural rhythm of the Cosmos and in truth there is always an abundance of something. It’s just if we want what is not there appearing in our lives, we can perceive this as lack, when in fact – we are being invited to receive something different which is more in alignment with our highest good (of all).


We are reaching New peaks in our journey, exploring new uncharted territory and reaching a climax/culmination phase on our path. This can feel like feelings of elevation and illumination into higher Octaves of being! Everything feels different from up hear, the horizons have expanded yet things seem more simple. Ascension is a Human experience and we no longer have to detach ourselves from the body to feel this heightened awareness. The feeling of being Human is becoming even more joyful and filled with Bliss! Our feelings and sensations are more attuned and instead of this being a problem, its a Divine Gift! We used to dread how deeply we felt, because we couldn’t protect ourselves from the pain, suffering and unresolved of the collective. Now our Human feelings are ascending and we are experiencing the full depths of what it is to be Human in form. Life is more rich, colours are more colourful, sounds are more pronounced and scents smell even better! For me this is what the true essence of abundance is, everything in life seems ‘more than’ in experience, because we are living an expanded reality!


This Divine simplicity we are integrating creates an amazing equilibrium in our lives of harmonious balance as we are no longer are push and pulled by the opposing forces of duality. When we find this inner sanctuary of neutrality we serve through the Divine peace of Love, the stillness, silence and spaciousness at the centre of Creation. We are stepping out of our comfort zones and trusting our Divine path. When we get the urge to do something, we have to just trust it and part of this simplicity guides us with more clarity. In living through opposing duality we were left with hard decisions, of course life will always greet us with choices but when we are truly guided to do something, it will seem like there is no other choice atall but then to just do it! As if life is just giving us this one direction which is our true hearts calling.  When we just know, we just know, and must act upon it without doubt or hesitation. Learning to trust divinity is allowing to trust ourselves with the choices we make.


And on that note, I leave you like the sun leaves the sky at dusk and returns again the next cycle, upon the dawn, reborn once more to shine again!

I Love You in the Love of Creation

and beyond,

Blessed Be

Bethan Elviea Lumina

I will always share freely in loving Service but it would be infinitely appreciated for any support and contributions that go towards Creation Angels will support my physical purpose on the planet!

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